6-day program "Get to know the whole of Azerbaijan!"

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Продолжительность: 6 days

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Day 1
“All the monuments of the ancient city of Baku: time travel”
Baku People are sure that Baku is the most beautiful city on earth. It is difficult to disagree with them, you will be convinced of this by visiting tours of the sights of the Azerbaijani capital.
You are waiting for the colorful old streets of the Old City, which were the location of several scenes from the comedy “The Diamond Arm”. Here you can take excellent pictures for memory, for several minutes reincarnating as a hero Yuri Nikulin
To relax a bit, we will go to one of the local restaurants. Here you will taste the dishes of Azerbaijani cuisine and the taste of local drinks. We will visit places thanks to which the capital has gained fame as a modern metropolis. Take a funicular ride to look at the city from above, visit near 3 giant skyscrapers, visit the Carpet Museum and the Palace of Happiness.
Next we will have a walk along Baku Boulevard - this is a promenade several tens of years long
Its new part was discovered recently, but very organically merges with the old. This is a favorite vacation spot of Baku people. I am sure that you too will be imbued with the warmth that the sea and the sultry sun give. If you really want to, we can change the program a bit and stay in those places that interest you.
Day 2
“Gobustan, volcanoes and Absheron - national treasures”
Gobustan nature reserve is included in the UNESCO list and is one of the wonders of the world.
On Yanardag you will see a fantastic sight: a flame bursts directly from the earth that never goes out
On Absheron, we will visit the Ateshgah temple, where the pilgrimage of fire-worshipers (adherents of Zoroastrianism) began in the 17th century, we climb the defensive tower of the Middle Ages in the village of Myardyakan, we will be imbued with the energy of the sanctuaries in the village of Gala, and finally we will sit in a restaurant and try fish dishes of national Azerbaijani cuisine. I assure you you have never tasted such yummy!
Day 3
“Shemakha, Lahich and Ivanovka - the land of winemakers and artisans”
We will get acquainted with ancient Muslim shrines and unique natural landscapes. First stop is the Diri Baba Mausoleum. Next, we will visit the famous city of Shemakha, where we will see the oldest mosque in the Caucasus.
Having overcome the Shemakhan pass, we will go to the village-reserve Lagich
The road winds along a mountain serpentine, on one side of which there are steep high rocks. The spectacle is magnificent, you can stop and take some "cool" pictures. Lahic is a city of artisans, here from all sides we hear the sound of tools of blacksmiths, gunsmiths, coppersmiths. On our way we will meet the Russian village of Ivanovka. It was founded in 1840, and its inhabitants were peasant immigrants from Russia, supporting morality in the Orthodox religion.
All signs here are written in Russian, including on the building where the board of the collective farm was located. Nikitina. Yes, yes, I did not make a reservation
The collective farm has existed since Soviet times and is successfully developing. "Retrospective" in the days of the USSR, an Azerbaijani-style dinner will end: with aromatic tea, hot cakes, local wines and intimate conversations. There is a guest house in the village where you can spend the night if you wish.
Day 4
"Gabala and Sheki - along the ancient paths of the Great Silk Road!"
The city of Gabala, where we will go the next day of our trip, is about 2 thousand years old. It is surrounded by high mountains (about 5 thousand meters above sea level), on the slopes covered with dense forest.
Next, visit the cascade of waterfalls "Seven Beauties"
Along the fabulous forests of Gabala, we will go to the city of Sheki, a city that was the center of the Sheki Khanate in the 17-18 centuries. I will show you the most interesting monuments: the palace of Sheki khans, caravanserais, a Christian church in the village of Kysh. We are waiting for a delicious tasting of the Sheki piti dish and Sheki baklava, which is completely different from traditional baklava.

Day 5
“Ganja and Naftalan - medicinal oil and the birthplace of Nizami! "
So, most of the travel is behind.
We are going to get acquainted with the delightful homeland of Nizami Ganjavi - the world famous poet of the East
From the very first minutes, this journey will take you to the world of fairy tales and narratives, because we will hear the legend about the creation of the glorious Azerbaijani city of Ganja. The ensemble of Sheikh Bahauddin is the treasure and pride of the city. It includes three important components: Juma mosque, Cheyak-Hamam, caravanserai. And each of these “elements” contains an unusual and important feature. Enjoying the pacified beauty of the current Russian Orthodox Cathedral of Alexander Nevsky, you can’t even imagine where it was built! We will see the beauty of one of the largest lakes in Azerbaijan - Geigel, and visit the city of Naftalan, famous for its healing oil, where we will have the opportunity to purchase miracles from naphthalan.
Day 6
"Got it - the land of lavender, roses and chestnut"
We leave for the city of Zagatala - in the translation "Valley of Saks". Those who come here for the first time immediately feel his spiritual aura. Local attractions - the central square Platanova, the Christian church, defensive towers, a fortress. All of them were witnesses of military battles and historical events that took place on the territory of Zagatala for several centuries. In 1830, there was a garrison of Russian troops. Zagatala is a valley of roses, lavender and chestnut. Here you will have the opportunity to purchase lavender and rose oil, as well as visit the factory for the manufacture of these oils. Then we will head to the city of Balaken, from which a little more than 10 km to the Georgian border. We will stop at the original cafe "Lezzet", which is arranged in a "nest" on a tree in a real wild forest! The outskirts of the city are wonderful scenery for a photo shoot. This is where our program ends. From the base a stone's throw to the Georgian border. If you wish, continue your trip to Georgia.

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