A gift for loved ones.

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Продолжительность: 6-8 hours

В стоимость включено:

Included in cost:

  • guide services
  • transportation costs

Not included in the price:

  • entry tickets
  • personal expenses

What to bring with you:

  • comfortable shoes;
  • camera;
  • money for buying souvenirs;

* It is advisable to book a restaurant and a dance master class in advance (paid extra, the cost of the master class (couple) is 30 euros. If you wish, you can pre-order the decoration of a romantic evening (with candles, roses, cake and other nyashki).


Do you want to surprise and delight your "half"? Give this tour for Valentine's Day, birthdays, anniversaries or other significant days in Baku. You will not only have a good time, but also be able to discover new talents. During the tour, a master class in national dances is conducted (optional). When we go to a restaurant, we can give a beloved a gift - dance to the sounds of live music. In the mysterious and sincere Baku I just want to confess my love and give presents. I will show you some places created specifically for this. In memory of this trip, we will take many photos, so do not forget to bring a good camera with you.
Love and cats of the Old Town
Our walk will begin in the Old City, at the Maiden Tower, where I will tell you about the symbol of the capital, numbering more than one hundred years.
The tower is shrouded in numerous legends and love stories. Narrow streets, acquaintance with ancient buildings and the labyrinths of the Old City will cause you deep feelings of comfort, joy and positive energy
Further, our waiting meeting with a guy and a girl, forever frozen in the architecture of the Old City. You will find out why they hid their feelings from everyone, and only the special inhabitants of the Old City were silent witnesses of their love.
Fate of beloved women of Baku millionaires in pre-revolutionary houses and quarters of Baku
Our acquaintance with Baku will continue at unusual old mansions built and donated to beloved women (wives and not only) by Baku millionaires. We are waiting for the majestic beauty of the Happiness Palace, as well as the mansion donated by one of the greatest philanthropists of Baku, Haji Zeynalabdin Tagiyev to his wife Sone Khanum, at home with the angels Sergey Tumaev, the Opera and Ballet Theater of the Mailov brothers as a sign of love opera diva, at the opening of which the opera was staged "Boris Godunov". The story of love at home with Garcinia, told to you, will not leave you indifferent. We will continue our walk on Nizami Street (Torgovaya), where the lovers of our city like to walk. You are waiting for incredibly graceful fountains, statues, monuments and houses, which played a fateful role in the history of the city
Eastern and Russian stories of eternal love
Everyone today knows the story of the tragic love of Romeo and Juliet. But not everyone knows that in the East there are heroes who embody love, devotion and fidelity. A poem about their immortal love appeared much earlier than Shakespeare's tragedy. We will find ourselves in front of a monument, which is a symbol of this love, where I will tell you about a semi-legendary story from the life of a 7th-century Bedouin poet, which formed the basis of the plot of this poem and the first opera about love in the East. And since we are already talking about poetry, we are waiting for a meeting with the great Russian poet A.S. Pushkin. In the square and on the street of A. S. Pushkin in front of his monument, we recall the poems and quotes about love that continue to be loved in sunny and romantic Baku.
“All women are charming, and the love of men gives them beauty” A. S. Pushkin
The route of the happy and lovers
We will go to the Tree of Love - this is a “holy” place for lovers and those who dream of changes in their lives. This metal structure is a joint project of IDEA, YARAT Contemporary Art Space and Baku Magazine. Here you need to perform a traditional ritual: leave a castle with the initials of lovers on the branches of a tree or tie a ribbon. Make a wish, and throw the keys to the love lock in the sea. To do this, we will go to New Baku Boulevard. Do not hesitate, the desire will certainly come true! Next, we will pass through the White City and go to the Lovers Park. Each of its corners is filled with warmth and warmth. There are many places where you can take great pictures for memory.
The center of Heydar Aliyev is a miracle of modern architecture. We will go inside to admire the interior decoration, get acquainted with the photo exhibition, which reflects the bright moments of life in Baku
To make a spectacular photo shoot with pigeons, we’ll visit a large area near the “Fire Towers”.
Everybody dance
During the tour, a master class in national dances is conducted (optional). When we go to the restaurant, you can give a beloved a gift - dance in Azerbaijani to the sounds of live music. We complete our walk into the world of happiness and goodness in a restaurant with live music and excellent cuisine. Here you will show the dance that was prepared during the dance master class. Believe me, such a gift will never be forgotten.

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