Beach tour in Baku - plunge into sea adventures under the close supervision of the hot sun

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Продолжительность: 4-7 hours

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The beaches of Baku are noted as a separate attraction of Azerbaijan, and you will immediately understand why. Rather, during this tour you will understand why. After all, usually beaches are regarded as a sandy or pebble place where you can lie down and sunbathe. But in Baku it is something else. The fabulous Caspian coast is surrounded by the stunning tops of the Caucasus Mountains, the calm of sea waves is carefully guarded by a gentle breeze, and the rich landscaping of the coast reliably hides the secrets and legends of the underwater world. What are the secrets? Let's go find out!
Who is this tour for?
“Beach tour in Baku” is an ideal solution for those who cannot imagine their vacation without the bright sun, hot sand, gentle sea, dancing sea waves, fragrant “beach” goodies and nightly entertainment on the shore under the moonlight.
This tour is for those looking for the best place:
where you can calmly and efficiently sunbathe;
where there is a maximum of beach fun (volleyball, rides, water slides, trampolines, etc.);
where are the best waves for riding a jet ski;
where the incredibly "landscape" bottom for diving enthusiasts;
where a huge selection of beach bars and restaurants
This tour is for those who associate relaxation with the sea, the sun and sand!
Beautiful seascapes are like a living picture gallery.
Baku has many diverse beaches - wild and private, for a relaxing family vacation and with an abundance of high-profile entertainment. But the main charm of beach Baku is the splendor and grace of the landscapes. During our trip you will find out where you can make the best selfie in the sea waves against the backdrop of modern fashionable buildings. You can organize a photo shoot with the perfect combination of calm Caspian waters and powerful Caucasian peaks. To meet a magical sunset or a magnificent dawn, watching how the sun's rays cut through the bottomless sea surface - this is to realize the true value of natural beauties and understand the heroes of the famous film “Knocking on Heaven”. And also, a considerable advantage of the beaches of Baku is its sand - clean, fine, golden. On it you just want to bask under the no less golden sun. The entire Baku coast sparkles with diamond, sugar sand, imperceptibly attracting absolutely all vacationers - "from small to great."
Beach traditions of Baku - an integral part of the beach life of Azerbaijanis
During this tour, we will necessarily participate in the gastronomic rites that make the beaches of Baku truly Azerbaijani. If you still think that you can’t drink hot drinks in the hot summer, then after a cup of fragrant, real, Azerbaijani tea, and even with locally made jam (the unusual taste of this delicacy will certainly win your stomach!), Guaranteed to change your views. Juicy, Sabirabad watermelon skillfully quench your thirst. Well, and after tasting the national cheese shook, in any case you want to take a little of this delicacy with you. Why? Because the technology of its preparation is used exclusively in Azerbaijan, and it will not work to find such a product outside this country.
Sandy-coast fishing village: fishing and gifts from the Caspian Sea
If you wish, you can organize fishing from the shore or from a yacht, and then cook the fish you caught on the grill. If you can’t catch the fish, then we will go to one of the distant fishing villages where you can taste the freshest and most delicious Caspian fish (Caspian omul, mullet, mullet, bersh, sturgeon, beluga, etc.), prepared according to recipes, the secrets of which are known only the chef of this establishment
Immersion in the history of Baku Bay and the Old City.
After a busy program on the shores of the Caspian Sea, we will continue our walk through our cozy Old City, where I will tell you about Baku people who have been living in houses belonging to their grandfathers and great-grandfathers for more than a hundred years, as well as about the millennium-old traditions of Icheri Sheher, about gocegs (gangsters ) the era of the oil boom, the services of which were used by I. Stalin himself, a revolutionary nicknamed Koba. You will find out which of the oil barons Koba pledged and demanded a ransom of 100,000 pre-revolutionary rubles from him. And finally, our program will end with a tea party with olive, tomato and eggplant jams, during which I will tell you about the tea traditions of our people, the knowledge of which is sometimes crucial during matchmaking in Azerbaijani families.

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