Do not pass by! Tour of the eastern bazaars and colorful shops of Baku

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Продолжительность: 3-4 hours

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  • guide services
  • motor transport
  • all paid parking.

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  • nutrition
  • personal expenses.

What to bring with you:

  • good mood and appetite (in the market it is customary to try everything).


Do you miss the noisy crowd and bright colors?
Then go with me on a shopping tour of Baku bazaars, shopping centers and shops. Here you can walk for hours, like in a museum, but unlike the harsh museum attendants, smiling merchants themselves will offer to touch and try everything. Feel the pleasant coolness of the finest silk scarves, caress the dense pile of woolen carpets with an intricate pattern, inhale the alluring aromas of national dishes, try fresh grapes and figs, roll in your tongue drunk homemade wine or tart pomegranate juice and bite it hot from the tandoor! Who is this tour for? Shopping tour in Baku is a real holiday for gourmets and lovers of the beautiful. You will not only admire handicrafts, jewelry and national delicacies, but also take with you wonderful souvenirs from the sunny capital of Azerbaijan. No one will force you to buy all these wonderful shawls, carpets, copper trinkets, fragrant spices and pot-bellied jars of jam. But I warn you, it’s almost impossible to leave empty-handed!
What bazaars will we look at?
Baku Bazaar is an explosion of flowers, sensations and tastes. Each counter is a ready-made background for art photos, each seller sincerely rejoices as if you are his own nephew. Baku hospitality is famous all over the world. Even if you do not buy anything, get a lot of pleasure. However, you are unlikely to be able to leave the bazaar without purchases, the product asks for it in your hands, and the merchants are ready to give their works for nothing! We will definitely visit:
Yashyl ​​Bazaar is the largest bazaar in the city, the best place to buy vegetables, fruits and farm products. It’s not without reason that the locals call it “Green Market”.
Here they sell aromatic figs, amber grapes that shine directly in the sun, crimson pomegranates, red tomatoes and emerald green cucumbers, giant watermelons and melons, the aroma of which is spread throughout the district, fresh cool milk, homemade cheese of all kinds, as well as homemade pickles and preserves. And, of course, whole counters of fragrant natural spices - dried cornel, turmeric, zira, sumy. Try fruit, honey, inhale the aroma of spices and be sure to bring along fragrant bags and jars of local jam.
Teze Bazaar - only in Teza you can try and purchase exquisite delicacies for lovers of salty - black caviar, smoked sturgeon, balyk and other delicacies from Caspian fish. Smiling sellers will welcome you like a beloved relative, and treat you to delicious smoked meats, even if you were not going to buy anything.
Sheki Sweets Shop is a sweet tooth paradise. There is baklava, and telhaova, and girmabadam, and peshvenk. The names of Azerbaijani national sweets are few remembered the first time. But absolutely everyone likes their taste. And no wonder, because only organic products are in the composition - homemade eggs, rice and wheat flour, honey, nuts and butter. No chemistry!
What shopping centers and showrooms will we visit?
Progress did not pass Baku, therefore, in addition to traditional bazaars, modern shopping centers and bright, spacious showrooms have grown here like mushrooms after rain.
We will visit the most interesting places:
Ganjik Mall is the largest shopping center in Baku, the center of expensive shops, boutiques and cozy restaurants. Many Azerbaijanis believe that this is the best place for family vacations - almost like a bazaar, but only in a modern and “European way”.
Silk scarf showroom - cool delicate silk with a delicate pattern attracts attention and sets off the female beauty. Here you will learn about the history of silk scarves, about how retro is understood in Baku, and which prints are now considered the most fashionable.
Where do we admire handicrafts and jewelry?
Do you know that the most skilled artisans live in Baku?
Virtuoso chasing, jewelry, unusual paintings and intricate household items - the fruits of the work of Azerbaijani artisans attract at first sight.

We will look into all the most treasured corners of Baku, where you can find real treasures:
Souvenir shops of Icheri Sheher - everything in the Old Town breathes history, so it’s worth looking here for real antiques and antique products: copper dishes, paintings, national clothes (hats Arakhkhin, hats, hurjun bags), handmade colored carpets and much more. You will learn interesting secrets of carpet weaving and learn to read the symbolic language of carpet patterns.
Workshop Ali Shamsi - you will visit the workshop of a talented artist, a famous wave man. Here you will plunge into a riot of colors, shapes and magical images, lose your sense of time and space, and then return to mortal land again.
Handicraft shop - here you can admire the stained-glass windows made of wood and glass, assembled without glue and nails, you can purchase exquisite dishes and household items from bronze, wood and copper.
The chain of jewelry boutiques is a real treasure of Baku. You will touch the centuries-old traditions of Azerbaijani jewelers, get acquainted with the symbols of precious stones, intricate patterns and ornaments that embody the ancient Islamic religious and cultural representations. Each product is accompanied by a passport, which tells the story and the symbolic meaning of the decoration.
Specialized stores for organic cosmetics and medical products, based on volcanic mud and naphthalan oil and oil.
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