Everything interesting in Baku: shopping at the mega-center, a trip to the holy places, a walk along the promenade!

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For shopping in Baku.
Want to enjoy your trip to Baku? We will go to the largest shopping center in Azerbaijan! It is so big that it is sometimes called the "city in the city." There are so many products that you can get lost, but most importantly - very nice prices.
Do not forget to bargain, so as not to offend sellers!
It is unrealistic to go around the mega-center in 1 day, so prepare a shopping list in advance, and I will help you find the right shopping area. There are several shops on the territory of the center that sell beautiful fur coats made of natural fur - by the way, by the end of winter, prices for them significantly drop, carpets, fabrics, handmade glasses and national teapots. You can’t count the goods, so I promise that shopping will be great!
Bibi Mosque - Heybat - returned from oblivion.
On the way to Baku we will stop to see the Bibi Heybat mosque - one of the main shrines of the Muslim world. In fact, this is a cemetery of saints: several direct descendants of the prophet Muhammad, the daughter of the seventh Imam Ukeima-khanum, are buried on the site of the temple. Until the 13th century, information about this was hidden, and only with the coming to power of Farrukhzad II in 1281 did the construction of the mosque begin. In 1936, it was completely destroyed: it was blown up and rolled up under the asphalt of the highway. The shrine appears to tourists in an updated form. The order on its restoration in 1994 was issued by Heydar Aliyev, the first president of independent Azerbaijan. Construction went on for 10 years, and in 2008 the Bibi Heybat mosque was opened. Today, not only believers come here, but also ordinary tourists, as well as those suffering from diseases (it is believed that the shrine helps to cure female infertility).
Visiting a fish restaurant and a walk along the seaside boulevard.
It’s not permissible to be in Baku and not sit in a fish restaurant! I will invite you to one of these places: we will sit in the cozy atmosphere of a fish restaurant - tables are set near the coastline, we will try our specialties, and we will rest from the hustle and bustle. The prices here are affordable, the staff is attentive, the food is licking fingers. We usually return to the hotel through Baku Boulevard. To admire the lights of evening Baku, you can drive on a Ferris wheel. But, even just walking along the boulevard, you will enjoy it. Ornamental shrubs bloom and smell around, and the city is visible at a glance.

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