Geokchay - pomegranate holiday

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Geokchay - two-day pomegranate fun!
In the second half of autumn, an important event takes place in Azerbaijan - the collection of pomegranate crops. And along with this, the city of Geokchay - the center of pomegranate growing, turns into a massive, vibrant, fun fair with songs, dances and a lot of pomegranates. This is a great opportunity to have fun and fully fill your body with a rich vitamin complex.
We are going with you to the magical city of the “fruit king” Geokchay to fill our hearts and souls with joy, a cheerful mood, get enough of pomegranate goodies (and you don’t even know how many different dishes you can cook using this fruit!) And improve your health, everything just tasting the fertile pomegranate nectar.
Who is this tour for?
It will be a wonderful pastime for those who like noise, laughter, street food during the festival, concerts, exhibitions and just to rest peacefully. You will have a great opportunity to compare the features of the festival in your homeland and a colorful holiday in Azerbaijan. And, of course, pomegranate lovers will find themselves in a real paradise.
Pomegranate celebration - you definitely want this fruit to be on your table every day!
Azerbaijanis greatly respect pomegranate. After all, for many centuries this fruit has been the main source of income. Poems and songs are dedicated to him, they consider him a symbol of the country, arrange festivals in his honor and open monuments, and even girls are called names that are consonant with this word - Narmin, Nargiz and so on.
Where is the pomegranate here? We will all learn on excursions. Festivals are arranged “in a rich way” - leading gardeners, foreign tourists, diplomats and consuls from other countries gather for the holiday. There can always be a chance to get a notable selfie with some important ambassador.
The endless fruit racks are truly amazing!
We will find out how many varieties of pomegranate exist, try the most delicious juices, preserves, and “narsharab”. It even produces alcoholic beverages such as liquor, wine, vodka, champagne.
We cheer up with interesting contests and sonorous melodies “Narchichek”
After enjoying all the possible gifts of the famous fruit, it's time to have fun. Every year, the organizers of the festival develop new contests that alternate with traditional performances, as well as concerts where we can not only enjoy magnificent national dances and listen to beautiful songs in the Azerbaijani language, but also learn how to make a national “pa” to the sounds of a tambourine or kemancha.
Delicious pomegranate - a delicious home medicine cabinet!
Pomegranate is that unique fruit in which absolutely everything is useful: bark, flowers, grains, juice, seeds, peel and even internal white jumpers. Therefore, during our tour, we will find out all the possible options for its use for recreational purposes. This fruit perfectly quenches thirst, increases hemoglobin, stimulates appetite, strengthens the immune system, restores vitality and energy. We will find out who is better to drink pomegranate juice, to whom - infusion from the peel, and to whom - to enjoy grains with seeds.
Delicious narsharab sauce and pomegranate wine are made from it.
Not many people know that sparkling champagne is made from pomegranate. In memory of this land you will take away delicious pomegranate gifts and sincere memories.
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