Hal-Hal Waterfall (Oguz) - we go fishing and eat delicious fish!

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Once, one of the vacationers in the Oguz region in the north of Azerbaijan saw a piece of Switzerland in this area. But do not be fooled by a single opinion. The nature of Azerbaijan is unique. She has her insolent character and a soft, kind soul. This is a whole universe of pristine virgin landscapes, powerful and clean waterfalls, majestic, severe mountains in conjunction with a great people who carefully preserves their traditions. Let's go get to know the amazing corner of Azerbaijan, where you will find many surprises!
Who is this tour for?
First of all, this excursion will appeal to those who love to walk along beautiful paths, the atmosphere of which is set by nature itself. You will find an abundance of stunning landscapes, unrealistic landscapes and many natural attractions. Well, and, of course, we can not do with single walks. Both professional fishermen and novice fishermen, and even those who are not particularly keen on this activity, will enjoy (without a doubt!) Fishing at Hal-Hal waterfall with a guaranteed catch.
Hal-Hal Waterfall - an amazing corner of peace and silence, where time has no power
Hal-Hal waterfall hid high above sea level in the depths of centuries-old forests. This is an ideal place for those who want to hide from the bustle of the city, stay alone with nature, enjoy the clean air and listen to the murmur of water flows, while having the opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of civilization.
The silver sparkle of brooks, the singing of falling water and the bewitching sounds of a dense forest - this is it, a magical fairy tale of Azerbaijan. And also, absolutely everyone can go fishing in this peaceful atmosphere.
With the caught trout, professional cooks will prepare a juicy grilled fish, which goes well with delicious narsharab and local home-made wine.
Albanian temples are the unsolved secrets of ancient buildings.
Albanian temples of the Oguz region (and there are 7 of them here) to this day remain one of the most interesting sights of Azerbaijan. Unfortunately, nothing can cope with time, and many buildings are gradually being destroyed.
Therefore, hurry to come here, touch the history and understand the vicissitudes of the religious world
We will try to unravel the role of these buildings in the life of the whole nation and the entire Christian world, as well as their purpose several centuries ago and today. And, of course, we’ll find out why they are still called “Albanian”.
Panorama of the mountains of the Greater Caucasus - a lively, vivid picture without unnecessary forewords
You can talk about the mountains of the Greater Caucasus for hours without stopping. About its clean, endless sky, which carefully shrouds the sharp spikes of mountain peaks with its snow-white clouds.
About stunning sunsets, skillfully able to hypnotize the eyes with pink open spaces above the falling rocks. About transparent healing streams washing the foot of the ridge for free
You will not just find out why the mountains are called the “Greater Caucasus”, what they are famous for and what their role is, about the riches of dense forests and their secrets that are hidden under the leaves of a Caucasian oak and oriental beech. We will “mentally talk” about them and forever fall in love with these amazing “live pictures”.
Welcome to visit the Azerbaijani family!
If desired, the perfect end to our trip will be an overnight stay in a traditional Azerbaijani house. This is a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the home environment, life and traditions of an ordinary Azerbaijani family. What could be better than to feel like a full-time inhabitant of an oriental house for the whole night!
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