In Zagatala! Where there is life in pink and chestnut!

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An excursion to the plant for the production of lavender and rose oils is possible for groups of at least 4 people, for groups of fewer people, a preliminary agreement with the plant is required.


The charm of Zagatala lies in the fact that despite the fact that it is a small, well-groomed, nice town, it hides a huge number of historical memorial sites that are international. Therefore, now we are going with you on a fascinating journey through the interesting sights of the city and try to guess which ethnic origin this or that monument or building belongs to. And in all this cultural-historical constellation we will find Russian traces on Azerbaijani soil.
Who is this tour for?
Such an excursion will appeal to lovers of walks in small towns, where, enjoying the incredible scenery of these places and listening to the sounds of the world around us, there are always many puzzles and interesting corners due to the rich history. We set off to admire the Azerbaijani nature and unravel the secrets that more than one people left here.
Zagatala - set off for reconnaissance over centuries-old historical sights in search of a Russian trace
Like many important cities, Zagatala boasts an old town square called Platanova. It is a kind of center around which the city began to form. We will walk around a secluded historical corner, get acquainted with the buildings adjacent to it and find out how trees and a freed slave have a relation to the name of the square. And here is the famous building that we were looking for - Zagatala fortress. It was built in 1830 by the Russian tsarist government. It was well equipped with guns, and the garrison was located here. What for? Our task is to find out. It is not for nothing that Gylman Ilkin wrote the novel “Uprising in the Fortress” about the fortress. In the Azerbaijani city, Russian tourists can meet another building dear to their soul - the only Russian-language school No. 2 named after N. Huseynov in the city.
A funny phenomenon is that the school is taught in Russian, and on the school facade we can see the image of the natural globe of Azerbaijan. The multi-level city itself is unusually beautiful. And it is unusual. Ancient buildings, Soviet-era buildings, modern buildings combined with charming, neat nature create amazing paintings.
Surroundings of Zagatala - a storehouse of truly unique attractions.
The village of Upper Chardahlar hides the original building - the Peri fortress. It is carved right into the rock. Framed by a green hill, she calls for herself, although getting to her is not so simple. We will try to figure out who dared to create such a miracle, what secrets are kept behind a neatly cut portal and who is Peri. We will visit the picturesque villages where Albanian and Zoroastrian temples of the 12th, 13th centuries, as well as other amazing places with amazing stories and beautiful backgrounds for photo shoots await us. And also we will have the opportunity to visit the original cafe "Lezzet". You probably have never once dined in the "nest" of a tree in a real wild forest!
Valley of roses, lavender and chestnut.
Few people know that in ancient times in Zagatala planted cuttings of roses of the Rainbow variety taken from the Crimea. Of the 400 species of roses, including wild rose hips, known in the world, the most valuable are French and Bulgarian. The Rainbow belongs to them. Of these, a valuable aromatic product is produced - essential (rose) oil. The average yield of flowers reaches several tons per hectare. Once in Zagatala, we, of course, cannot miss the opportunity to admire the plantations of roses and lavender, sheltered by the spurs of the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range, forming a fertile hollow. You will learn about the importance of pink gulab water, which is widely used in the rituals and traditions of Azerbaijanis, and legends circulate about the beneficial properties of pink and lavender oils. These oils rejuvenate, absorb scars and scars, relieve depression, reduce fear, optimize blood circulation, and help with rheumatism and arthritis ...
Our acquaintance with the miraculous properties of pink and lavender oils will continue at the factory for their production, where they will show you the whole process of the appearance of these magical aromas
In memory of Zagatala, you will take away from here a bottle of real pink and lavender oils.
But I also pulled a nutty paradise. Almost all varieties of chestnuts, walnuts and hazelnuts grow here. You will have the opportunity to try marvelous walnut and chestnut jams.
Soul rest in a charming Azerbaijani house.
After a busy trip with a fascinating search for Russian tracks in a colorful Azerbaijani corner, we will spend the night in a real national house of this amazing hospitable country. Now you can in reality feel the ordinary evening of an ordinary Azerbaijani family in its traditional spirit. It will be a calm and sincere end of a meaningful and deep tour.
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