Israeli tale of the Red Sloboda!

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The place where rich Jewish millionaires are born
Azerbaijan has an amazing place where its own culture, language and religion reign. A place in which people live by their own rules and by their "politics." A place that, despite all its uniqueness, has been coexisting peacefully with other nationalities for more than 300 years. And this is all of Azerbaijan. In hospitality, peacefulness, good nature. Are you ready to get acquainted with a small, it would seem, village, which gave this world great scientists, cultural figures, politicians, athletes and businessmen, included in the famous Forbes rating? Well, then we went to study the unique phenomenon of success in Krasnaya Sloboda!
Who is this tour for?
Krasnaya Sloboda is a settlement of mountain Jews, and if you are interested in the history of this people, then this tour is just for you. And even if before that this question was of little concern to you, but you love unusual, original places, believe me, after our trip you will definitely want to get to know the Jewish people closer.
Great sights of a small community
Despite the fact that about 3,000 people live in the settlement, there are interesting sights worth seeing. This number of residents is affected by as many as seven synagogues, each of which has its own purpose (which we learn about during the trip).
The Six-Dome Synagogue is quite significant, and not only because of its interesting layout. The building was built in 1888, and during its existence, she managed to survive many events. The center for religious education, a warehouse, a sewing workshop, a prayer house - many roles fell on the fate of the building. Inspired by the peaceful atmosphere of the synagogue, we learn what this six-domed building is a symbol of. Many houses that meet on the way during a walk can be safely called architectural monuments - they are so rich, artsy and pompous. One house is more beautiful than another and this is not surprising.
Krasnaya Sloboda is famous for its successful natives who do not forget their native land and, if possible, equip mansions here.
Just recently, a large-scale museum was opened in Krasnaya Sloboda where artifacts from all over the Caucasus can be seen. We will have a unique opportunity to be one of the first to visit this museum.
Achieve world recognition and return to your roots
Krasnaya Sloboda - this is a community with which to take an example regardless of their religion. After all, the members of this great family are characterized by a very important value - to always remember who you are and to return, even if not for long, to their native lands. This is the birthplace of the hero of Azerbaijan, Albert Agarunov, who died in the Karabakh war, the memory of which will always live in the heart of the Azerbaijani people. The richest businessmen of Russia were born here - Zarakh Iliev and God Nisanov, Soviet orthopedic doctor Gavriil Ilizarov, poet Yasha Mashiyakhov and other famous personalities that you will learn about during the tour. All of them have succeeded in different industries, but they have one thing in common - they invest in their small homeland, donate money to kindergartens, schools, synagogues, improve roads. Well, isn't that a good role model?
Fairytale forests, mountain rivers of the Red Sloboda and the peaks of the Greater Caucasus
In addition to immersing yourself in the history of Krasnaya Sloboda, you will find a walk through beech and hornbeam forests. If you wish, you can plunge into the streams of turbulent mountain rivers. You will walk along the stairs built by the captured Germans in order to facilitate the journey to Krasnaya Sloboda, see the arched bridge during the reign of Alexander the 3rd, the bathhouse where Alexander Dumas bathed, and acquaintance with many other attractions that will make our program absolutely unforgettable.
Well, of course, being in Guba, we, of course, will try the famous Guba baklava, and many other dishes of fish and meat.

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