Khizi agate mountains, pink lake and legends of Beshbarmag rock

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Продолжительность: 8-10 hours

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Sparkling Agate in the Khizy Mountains
High mountains sparkling in the setting sun, like precious stones ... It seems that this place from magical dreams simply cannot exist in reality. But Khizi is a completely material region of Azerbaijan, if you do not believe it, just go on an excursion to the precious agate mountains of Khizi. You will see everything with your own eyes, touch it with your hands and even be able to take away from here a small pebble of agate - the most popular local souvenir.
During a walk through the cosmically beautiful mountains, you will learn how the unique landscape of Khizi was formed and hear the fascinating stories associated with this truly magical place. Since ancient times, people have chosen the land of colorful mountains. It was here that the Great Silk Road once passed, rich caravans wandered and amazing people lived, brave and courageous.
Ancient fortresses and holy places are silent witnesses of everything that happened here. You will enjoy wonderful natural landscapes, marvel at the unique color scheme of the Sarafat ridge. As a keepsake you will have gorgeous photographs of agate mountains, and if you wish, you can collect real onyx pebbles (a kind of agate).
The rich history of Khizi
The historical sites of Khizi are perhaps even more interesting than the landscapes, but this is not surprising, because our ancestors have lived and traveled along the local mountain trails since ancient times (according to some versions, even the Roman legion managed to visit Khizi!).
Right at the foot of the Beshbarmak rock is the burial of Khizir Zinda - a sacred place for all residents of Azerbaijan. You will also see ancient fortresses, Zoroastrian places of worship and parking, on which caravans, which were heavily loaded with spices and fabrics, once rested, walking along the Great Silk Road.
And the obligatory points of the excursion are a visit to the monument of Jabbarly, the famous poet, screenwriter and founder of Azerbaijani dramaturgy. He penned hundreds of prose and poetic works, including more than two dozen plays.
We will also pay tribute to the great Azerbaijani poet Mikail Mushvig, who is compared with Sergei Yesenin for his rebellious character. You will learn the tragic story of the fate of this talented person by visiting a museum located right in the middle of the mountain slopes of Khizi.
Panoramas of the pink lake and Jeyranbatan reservoir
Masazyrgel is the most unusual lake in Azerbaijan and, possibly, the most amazing in Transcaucasia. Its main feature is the pink color of water. The lake is located on the Absheron Peninsula and along the edges of the pink lake is surrounded by salt.
The lake is unique in its kind. Every year, travelers from different countries come to him to make sure that the water is really unnatural pink (especially in summer, under the influence of sunlight), even if it is poured into a separate vessel, and admire this creation of nature.
The lake is effectively bordered by a white belt of salt, and from a bird's eye view it looks like it was written by Monet Van Gogh, a little muffled paint. It is not surprising that tourists often take pictures of Rose Lake, namely being on a hill in order to preserve vivid impressions for life and once again make sure of the ingenuity of nature.
The path to the top of the sacred mountain Beshbarmag
On the way to the colored mountains, we will stop at the Azerbaijani place of power - Mount Beshbarmag. Reseeding on an SUV, you will reach the sacred place of Khidirzind at the very top of the mountain: I will tell stories and legends associated with this mysterious place.
On the way, you will see the ruins of an ancient fortress and an ancient cemetery. And the reward for travelers who overcome a long, almost Tibetan staircase will be unearthly panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and the Caspian Sea.
Alti-Agach nature reserve: mountains and delicious meat dishes of the country
In the Paradise Garden of the Alti-Agach nature reserve, you walk along stone paths through the forest thickets, enjoy the views from observation platforms and pristine mountain nature.
For lunch, we can stop right in the middle of the forest in a local cafe where you can taste the best national dishes of this region (they cook incredible dishes of goat meat and unusual salads from herbs that grow only in the Khizi forests) and aromatic tea with thyme.
As a souvenir, you will take away the pebbles of agate, which has protective power against troubles on the road. Previously, such an amulet was taken with a sailor, and today it is hung in the passenger compartment. We will also pick up live spring water from the spring, which appeared solely in order to give water to the traveling travelers.

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