Multi-day program 3-day program "Gastronomic adventures in Baku"»

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Продолжительность: 3 days

В стоимость включено:

Included in cost:

  • Transfers according to the program
  • Program Guide Services
  • Cultural excursion program
  • Tandoor tortilla tasting with traditional cheeses
  • Culinary master class for the preparation of two of your chosen national dishes
  • Traditional tea party in a teahouse with baklava, shakerbour and unusual types of jam (olive, eggplant and others)
  • Stops in blooming gardens and places for commemorative photography
  • Photos of a master class and lunch in a national style

Not included in the price:

  • All that is not listed in the column "what is included


Day 1
Immediately upon arrival, you will be accommodated in a hotel, and depending on the time of arrival, a walk through daytime or evening-night Baku. We will visit the most popular, image places of the capital - you saw them on gift cards and brochures:
BakuWhiteCity, New Baku Boulevard, Flame Towers
The capital is blooming and prettier. It has turned into a metropolis in which the old and the new coexist beautifully. Baku is changing its style - you will see that several grandiose buildings with futuristic architecture were built in the city, but it also doesn’t refuse the good old “classics”. For example, the Government House is a free improvisation on the Shirvanshahs Palace, and the new streets of BakuWhiteCity are very reminiscent of the French quarters. At the end of the program, you will find a welcome dinner in the restaurant-museum Shirvanshah.
Day 2
22 hectares of color in the Old Town
After breakfast, we will dive into the history and atmosphere of the Old Town. The Old City is 22 hectares of color, where we will see the Shirvanshahs Palace, visit the museum of a miniature book, and do not forget about the legendary streets of the films “Diamond Hand” and “Amphibian Man”.
We will have lunch in a traditional restaurant, tasting the wines of the country, where the sun is harvested in grapes.
Well-fed and satisfied, we will go on an excursion to the Heydar Aliyev Center - a symbol of “white” Baku, a cultural center. In 2014, he was shortlisted by the London Design Museum as a nominee for the Designs of the Year Award in the Architecture category. And in April of the same year, the project of architect Zaha Hadid was recognized as the best.
The huge complex became the decoration and pride of the city. In addition to the unusual design, its scale is striking. It housed a conference hall, museum, library, concert hall. Have you ever tried Azerbaijani brandy? And what does Azerbaijani wine taste like?
New flavors await you at a tasting in the wine gallery of one of the oldest productions.
Then we look into the colorful shops of the Old City, go up to the Maiden Tower, where an amazing panorama of the Baku bay awaits us.
Day 3
Treasures of Azerbaijani cuisine.
On this day, you will learn the local cuisine from the inside, from beginning to end. Take a trip to the bazaar to choose the best products and spices, then plunge into the culinary process under the guidance of an experienced chef and finally taste the delicious national dishes prepared with your own hands!
At the bazaar you will feel the aroma of real oriental spices, learn to bargain masterfully, try thick pomegranate juice, local cheese, dried fruits, dozens of grape varieties, appreciate the rich assortment of southern vegetables, fruits, herbs and take away trophies of market battles - a jar of sturgeon caviar, a delicious home-made jam and fragrant bags of spices.
Do you know how to serve dinner in Azerbaijani, who occupies an honorable place at the head of the table and why are Baku people so hospitable? It takes years to understand all the secrets of Azerbaijani culture. But at this master class you will learn the most important and come closer to understanding national customs through acquaintance with culinary traditions. It's time to try your hand at mastering the local cuisine!
You will choose any two dishes from the proposed list (pilaf, dolma, kutaba, kufte and others) and, under the guidance of an experienced chef (native Azerbaijani), start an exciting lesson.
When the two dishes you have chosen are ready, you will sit at the table and will be able to taste the fruits of your labors. Crispy tandoor-churek, fragrant hot pita bread, fresh herbs and vegetables will also be served on the table to shade and complement the taste of your dishes. If desired, you can also serve local wine on the table, which you choose in the market.

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