Shemakha: a city from the tales of Pushkin and Lahich / Ethno tour with wine tasting

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Legends of the Shamakhan shrines.
Who did not read Pushkin's fairy tales in his childhood? The time has come to go to the homeland of the magical enchantress queen from the tale of the Golden Cockerel, which killed both the king and the sage, and she "disappeared as if it had never happened."
Shemakha is an ancient city that has experienced many dramatic events and ups and downs. Shamakhi stones remember earthquakes, enemy raids, fires and terrible battles. Time passed, the city met ever new challenges, and each time, like a phoenix bird, it rose from the ashes. Today, Shemakha, like hundreds of years ago, is a busy and crowded place, a major administrative center of the country. Ancient artifacts here organically fit into the urban landscape, and romantic legends peacefully coexist with the latest urban news.

Who is this tour for?
Everyone who loves unusual places covered by ancient legends should go to Shemakha. You will see a medieval fortress, the largest mosque in Azerbaijan, stroll through the narrow streets and take with you wonderful memories, as well as, if you want, a couple of bottles of local wine and a magnificent Shemakhan carpet.

Mausoleum of Diri Baba.
The tour begins with a tour of the main center of attraction of the ancient city - the impregnable mausoleum of Diri Baba. Once, it was its powerful and impregnable walls that hid the Shemakhins from the invasion of the enemies of the Shirvanshah dynasty. Until now, the walls of the mausoleum hovering above the ground in the grotto amaze the imagination with its grandeur, and its internal structure - rationality and practicality of the ancient architects and strategists have provided even a secret move in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Tomb of the Seven Domes and the brilliant Juma Mosque.
After a walk around the fortress, you should pay tribute to other interesting sights of Shemakha. Right at the foot of Gulistan is the tomb of the Shirvanshahs - the Seven Domes Mausoleum (named after the number of rulers buried). And, of course, it is worth seeing and capturing in the photo one of the largest, most brilliant and ancient mosques of Azerbaijan - the Juma Mosque (tentatively refers to the eighth century). It is divided into three separate rooms, each of which has its own entrance and mihrab.

Exclusive telescope and herds of horses.
One of the most famous attractions of Shamakhi has long been the picturesque place of Pirkuli, located at an altitude of 1400 meters. Here is the Pirkulinsky Nature Reserve, known for its relict vegetation, hornbeam, oak, beech forests and yew berry groves, in which roe deer, wild boars, chamois, and tours are found. There is also a brown bear, and who would have thought - bison! But do not be alarmed, thanks to the efforts of people, the bison in the Caucasus belongs to the species that are facing complete extinction and are listed in the Red Book.
And now, instead of bison, it is not uncommon to meet shepherds with huge herds of cows, horses and rams
The reduced dustiness of the atmosphere and the prevailing number of clear days in the year became the main reason for the opening in 1960 in Pirkuli of one of the most significant observatories of the former USSR - the Shamakhi Astrophysical Observatory.
Surrounded by majestic mountains, an exciting journey to the stars awaits you and you can even see the famous Milky Way with your naked eye. And all thanks to a telescope weighing 85 tons. You will have the opportunity to be inside the observatory, the scale and grandeur of which harmoniously fits into the beauty of the mountains.

Lahic is a village of craftsmen.
The streets of Lagic are homely and clean. Here, everyone, young and old, is engaged in some kind of business. The main "craft" is the manufacture of copper and leather products. You will not only see the skillful work of local craftsmen, but you can also buy your favorite little thing as a souvenir. By tradition, all guests are seated at the table. You will try the local cuisine, listen to stories about people who lived and worked here many centuries ago. A wonderful end to the trip will be a tour of the ancient ruins near the fortress and visit souvenir shops. Locals are skilled craftsmen, virtuosos of carpet weaving and winemaking.
Try the heady Shemakhan wine and be sure to buy something to remember this magical place!

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