Shemakha and Gabala - a piece of Switzerland on Azerbaijani soil!

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Want to visit the most beautiful corner of Azerbaijan and at the same time visit the largest amusement park? Then go on a trip to Gabala! Only here you can enjoy wonderful landscapes, hear ancient legends, see ancient monuments and have a great rest with your whole family - ride the most amazing and breathtaking attractions. Modernity and antiquity are closely intertwined in the vast expanses of the former capital of Azerbaijan. Ancient ruins harmoniously fit into the modern urban landscape, ancient towers and mosques peacefully coexist with brilliant detox complexes. Who knows what secrets Gabala will reveal to you?
Who is this tour for?
Traveling to Gabala is a great vacation for tourists of any age. This is not just a walk through the picturesque landscapes and a visit to the unique corners of Azerbaijan with ancient history. In addition to the traditional excursion program, you will find the ruins of an ancient fortress and the hospitality of the Udins, the largest amusement park Gabaland, a unique cable car and a chic mountain detox complex.
Fairytale places: Shemakha pass, waterfalls and ancient ruins
Just look at the ancient towers of this amazing city, surrounded by dense forests, where the crowns of trees cover the sky, and mineral springs with healing effervescent water, giving health and longevity, beat from the rocks. You will see the mysterious ruins of antiquity, visit the city of Shemakha (remember the Queen of Shemakhan from Pushkin's fairy tales?), Take a walk under the canopy of tall and slender chestnuts, take photographs against the backdrop of the magnificent Shemakha Pass and the unique cascading Seven Beauties waterfall.
Gabaland Park: fun for children and adults.
After exploring the natural and historical sights, you will have a hearty lunch in a national restaurant, and then a fascinating pastime in the largest Azerbaijani amusement park Gabaland. Children and adults will be delighted with huge swings, electric motorcycles, carousels, slot machines, mini trains and other attractions. In addition, the park has a picturesque walking area with fragrant flower beds, cozy cafes and national restaurants where you can relax and have a bite to eat.
Misty mountain and cable car.
An exciting end to a busy day is an exciting cable car ride. Gorgeous mountain views and majestic trees floating far below, tasting aromatic tea with chestnut jam at the height of the flight of mountain birds (2000 meters above sea level) will be remembered for your whole life. On the way back you will meet another natural treasure, here you can ride a catamaran, Lake Nohur. Also, on the way through the pass, we will stop for dinner in one of the restaurants, admiring the sunset among the mountain peaks, and after dark we will return to Baku.
The village of Nij and the ancient walls of the Albanian temple.
In the largest village of Nij, the Oudins live - representatives of an ancient Christianity. The village consists of several blocks and in some of which ancient Albanian churches have been preserved. One of them - the Chotari church of the 17th century, which is the pride of the villagers, is still active today. We will be happy to arrange a tour of the village, introduce you to all the sights, and treat you with national dishes. Do not forget to visit the local bazaar, where fruits, vegetables, nuts, spices and other gifts of this fertile land are abundantly sold.
Organizational moments: overnight in Gabala.
If you do not want to leave on the same day, you can spend the night in a comfortable and cozy guest house (only for you and nobody else), decorated in a national style, and at the same time get to know the life of Azerbaijanis closer. The welcoming hosts will meet you, help you accommodate, and the next day they will feed you a tasty and satisfying traditional rustic breakfast of farm products and spend on the return trip.
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