The old city - a story in your heart

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The old city of Icheri Sheher (literal translation "inner city") is the heart of the capital of Azerbaijan. It occupies a very small area, especially when compared with modern Baku. However, to get around all the local attractions, it will take time - the walk will take several hours.
It seems that every square meter of Icheri Sheher is eventful, everything here breathes antiquity. Amazing cinematography, local color and indescribable atmosphere are the hallmark of the Old Town. We have seen its narrow streets more than once from movie screens (remember at least the cult Soviet film “The Diamond Arm”), but to fully feel the romance and spirit of old Baku, you need to walk along the streets of Icheri Sheher.
Acquaintance with the Old Town
A walking tour of the old city begins with a walk along its winding streets. Wandering around these intricate labyrinths, you can enjoy wonderful views, look into cozy Baku courtyards and say hello to the friendly and smiling locals who play backgammon and dominoes on a warm sunny day in the fresh air in front of the house.
Walking around the Old City, you will walk along the fortress walls, appreciate their power and height
Learn about the principles of building a fortress, appreciate its ingenious layout. Take a walk along the famous street, which locals have long called the damn street.
It was here that Yuri Nikulin, in between filming the movie “Diamond Arm”, loved to organize battles in backgammon with the best Baku players
Take a picture with barefoot artist Ali Shamsi, whose talent is admired even in the Vatican, right in his own gallery, and you will also find out why another resident of the old city furnished his whole house with amazing ceramics with views of Baku.
Among the huge number of ceramic paintings you can find the one that you like and touch the works of the great master of ceramic works
The best mosques and minarets of the Old City will delight you with their austere beauty and grandeur, and the Maiden Tower will surprise you with its truly girlish architectural grace.
Palace of the Shirvanshahs.
You can get even closer acquainted with the historical past of the city in the Shirvanshahs Palace - this is the former residence of the rulers of Shirvan, which forms a large-scale complex with a mosque, a bathhouse and a mausoleum.
Although some buildings are separated by centuries, the composition looks holistic and surprisingly harmonious, the high minaret of the palace mosque rushes to the sky itself. You will learn about the dramatic events that once took place in the palace, and about the fateful decisions that were made here.
Museums and shops of the Old Town.
A visit to the unique Baku museums and colorful shops of the Old Town is a must-see item on the walking tour program. You will visit the Museum of Miniature Books, which is world famous and is listed in the Guinness Book of Records, as well as art galleries and shops Icheri Sheher. The amazing energy of these places will be remembered for a long time and will attract you to the Old City again and again.
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