The Old City and all the most valuable in Baku in one day / lifesaver for all guests of the city!

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Продолжительность: 5-6 hours

В стоимость включено:

Included in cost:

  • guide services
  • motor transport
  • all paid parking.

Not included in the price:

  • entrance fees to museums,
  • nutrition,
  • personal expenses.

What to bring with you:

  • comfortable shoes;
  • clothing for the season;
  • money for the purchase of souvenirs;
  • camera.


The magic of sunny Baku.
Baku is not just a capital. Center for political and public life. This is a unique beautiful city of Azerbaijan, in which history is closely intertwined with modernity, and high-rise buildings and elegant high-tech buildings are adjacent to ancient fortresses and mosques. Do you want to get to know the city more closely, feel its temper, feel the aromas of spices and long-distance travels? Then go ahead on a sightseeing tour! You will see not only the main attractions, but also unpopular places for tourists where native Baku People like to relax. Admire the sea views, walk along the Seaside Boulevard (it seems endless with no habit!) And even ride a gondola on the “Azerbaijani Venice”!
Who is this tour for?
A rich sightseeing tour - a lifesaver for all guests of the city. This is a real “concentrate” of all the most vivid, memorable and surprising that can be found in Baku. It is worth starting an acquaintance with the capital of Azerbaijan. However. If you have already been to Baku, you will still learn a lot of interesting things on a walk.
What awaits you?
Get ready to be surprised and enjoy the magnificent views. Baku is a city of contrasts, unusual combinations, bright colors and exquisite forms. The fantasies of architects of all time can only be envied. The Old Town and the latest buildings form a surprisingly harmonious look, perfectly complementing each other. Walking under the old walls of the palaces and bypassing modern large-scale buildings, you will take a brief excursion into the history of the city - from the distant past of medieval rulers and caravanserais in modern times of oil magnates and hi-tech. You will find out who sponsored the construction of these or those buildings, and what geniuses of architecture worked on their creation, hear ancient legends and the latest city news.
Romantic Old Town: Maiden Tower, caravanserais, palaces and mosques.
The tour starts right in the center of the Old Town of Icheri Sheher. You will see the old caravanserais, touch the rough stones of the fortress walls, hear the legend of the Maiden’s Tower and climb it to view the crowded capital of sunny Azerbaijan from a bird's eye view, and also take wonderful photographs against the background of the piercing blue southern sky. The labyrinths of the streets of old Baku beckon with their mystery. It was here that once filmed an episode from the movie "Diamond Hand", the locals still call her "damn street." You will pass by the palace of the Shirvan Khans, you will hear exciting stories about how the city came about, how its main attractions were built and what events became turning points in urban history.
Modern Baku: oil tycoons, the Palace of Happiness and a gondola ride.
From the romantic past, the river of time will gradually take you to the dynamic present of the city. You will learn how the city gained its modern look, how much money the oil magnates invested in it (one eminent millionaire built about a hundred houses here!) And what happened to the owners of the famous Happiness Palace. Under the canopy of the Molokan Garden trees you will find a fascinating story about Russian immigrants who arrived in Baku almost two hundred years ago, and in the Governor’s Garden you will see the place where the house of the Baku Governor once stood.
The walk will end in the heart of city life - on Primorsky Boulevard.
Do you know that its total length exceeds 16 kilometers? The most hardy can go through it from beginning to end, but it is better to leave this activity for later and turn your eyes to the gondolas, which are waiting on the very shore. A smiling gondolier (a real Bakuman!) Will be happy to seat you and maybe sing something from the national repertoire. No wonder Baku is also called the "Azerbaijani Venice"!
What to bring with you?
The tour is auto-walking, so it is recommended to choose comfortable shoes and clothes for the season. Take the money to buy souvenirs and do not forget the camera - you will see many beautiful places, buildings and landscapes that you want to capture.
Attention! Information for guides:
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