Wine tour in the Chateau Monolith: cheeses, nature, and, of course, wine!

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Wine is a sunny nectar that appeared in ancient times and today is an invariable attribute of the festive table and a unique value for enophiles - lovers and connoisseurs of wine. We invite everyone to hospitable Azerbaijan - to a country where from a juicy, sun-drenched berry through a magical process in your glass is an amazing drink. But most importantly, we invite you to participate in this magical process. Oh, that will be truly unforgettable!
Who is this tour for?
This fascinating journey will open the wonderful world of Azerbaijani winemaking. It is suitable for those who do not think of a good dinner without a delicious glass of wine, and who want to spend time not only with pleasure, but also with benefit. After all, this wine drink is distinguished by both interesting taste for certain dishes, and its useful properties for maintaining health
The taste and smell of true wine
In order to truly imbue a fragrant drink, acquaintance with it must first begin with the “roots”. And this is in the truest sense of the word. After all, fabulous walks through long vineyards are not only your beautiful photos in social networks. This is an opportunity to understand how the sun's rays, saturated soil, temperature variability and rainy weather affect the taste and color of the future drink. You will find out when it is better to pick grapes - in the early morning, late evening, or at the very height of the day. Which grape variety is used for dry wine, and which for sweet. As a person at an early stage of ripening grape berries can affect the final result of the creation of wine. A tour of the vineyard - it's beautiful views, fragrant berries and an educational trip.
Wine tour - an opportunity to reveal the secret of the birth of the drink of the Gods
A visit to a real winery is a unique opportunity to personally observe all stages of wine production. In addition, you can see how it is stored in one of the most huge cellars in the whole country, be inspired by the calm atmosphere in which a popular drink acquires its main flavoring features.
The tour program includes a tasting of Shabiant wines produced in the area. And if you get hungry, you can have a terrific lunch right at the winery in the middle of the breathtaking Caucasus Mountains. Especially for you, dishes of national cuisine will be prepared from environmentally friendly ingredients and products with a generous addition of seasonings and spices, the aroma of which excites and accelerates the appetite.
Fascinating fishing and the famous "grape" dances of Celentano
In addition, you can independently choose either a visit to the amazing canyon of the expressive Girdimanchay river, or a trip to a nearby picturesque lake with the opportunity to go fishing. And for those who plan to go on a tour from late summer to mid-autumn, a real surprise awaits. It is during this period that the harvest occurs, and you can crush grape juice with your feet, like the legendary Adriano Celentano. A fun and funny adventure will leave an indelible impression and incredible feeling. After all, it’s an intrigue - to take part in the creation of wine yourself, and then return after a while and try the drink, in the creation of which I personally took part.
Legends of the Shamakhan shrine
On the way to the winery, a city awaits us from Pushkin's tales - Shemakha, which until the end of the 12th century was the capital of the Shirvanshahs state, where we will visit the Diri Baba mausoleum. This is a unique structure, and the most amazing thing is that it is still not known for certain who is buried in the mausoleum.
I will talk about the secrets and mysteries of the sanctuary. I will show the caves in the rock, reminiscent of the cells of hermits. It is believed that this place has tremendous energy power.
In ancient times, Shemakha was the center of carpet weaving; this tradition has been preserved to this day. The city repeatedly found itself in the heat of battle, which affected the architecture. The walls of stone fortresses and mosques for centuries saved people from raids by enemies.
Russian village of Ivanovka
On our way we will meet the Russian village of Ivanovka. It was founded in 1840, and its inhabitants were peasant immigrants from Russia, supporting morality in the Orthodox religion.
All signs here are written in Russian, including on the building where the board of the collective farm was located. Nikitina
Yes, yes, I didn’t make a reservation. The collective farm has existed since Soviet times and is successfully developing. "Retrospective" in the days of the USSR, an Azerbaijani-style dinner will end: with aromatic tea, hot cakes, local wines and intimate conversations.

There is a guest house in the village where you can spend the night if you wish, and the next morning, backed up with farm products, go to the amazing villages of Lagich and Baskal, where craftsmen and artisans live
Lahic - the village of masters
The streets of Lagic are homely and clean. Here, everyone, young and old, is engaged in some kind of business. The main "craft" is the manufacture of copper and leather products. You will not only see the skillful work of local craftsmen, but you can also buy your favorite little thing as a souvenir.
By tradition, all guests are seated at the table. You will try the local cuisine, listen to stories about people who lived and worked here many centuries ago
Baskal and Sheki - the birthplace of silk scarves
On our way we will call in the village of Baskal and the city of Sheki. Here you can watch how the kalagai is created - a thin silk scarf decorated with beautiful patterns. By the way, one can determine from them where it is woven - in Shemakha, the kyalagai were decorated with small ornaments, for the Absheron manufactories a large pattern is characteristic. Many foreigners specially come to Baskal to order an exclusive kyalagai. Along the fabulous forests, we will go to the city of Sheki, the city that was the center of the Sheki Khanate in the 17-18 centuries. I will show you the most interesting monuments: the palace of Sheki khans, caravanserais, the Christian church of the beginning of our era in the village of Kysh.
guide services
A walk through the vineyards, a visit to the winery, an examination of the production and storage of wine in one of the largest wine cellars in Azerbaijan.
Tasting local Shabiant wines, as well as, if desired, for an additional fee, lunch at the winery, in the lap of nature, among the fascinating mountains of the Greater Caucasus, during which you will be offered to taste national dishes made from traditional ingredients, with the obligatory addition of aromatic spices and seasoning.
if desired, a trip to the nearby lake with fishing
In the grape season (late summer - mid autumn) you will have the opportunity to crush grape juice with your feet. Yes, yes, like Celentano in that film. An indescribable feeling awaits you!

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