My name is Leah, and I am a guide with a historical background. I was born and grew up in the city of Baku. My native language is russian. I love history and the color of my people so much that I always want to share my love with the guests of our city.

It gives me great pleasure to share and show the beautiful corners of my country, to collect agates scattered on the mountain slopes of Khizi, to share history, traditions, unusual habits and rituals of my people that sometimes cause a smile. In addition to history, cooking is my second passion. I’ll tell you about the features of our amazing cuisine, and I will treat you with fragrant Azerbaijani tea with unusual types of jam (olive, tomato, eggplant and even almond), I will take it to places that have not yet been occupied by tourists, where they prepare delicious Azerbaijani dishes (levenges, dolma, pilaf, Kutaby, khash and many other dishes). I’ll help to make a route for you personally, I will advise and select hotels and transport, meet at the airport, help with resolving issues (where to go, what to eat, where to order a taxi and much more), organize a gala dinner with national dances and songs. Several cars are available.

Believe me, traveling with an experienced guide is completely different. If the guide knows his country well and at the same time inspirationally talks about it, charges it with his mood, then you are guaranteed a lot of emotions and impressions of the country.

Come! Azerbaijan falls in love at first sight! I will be glad to share this love with you! And finally, I have three news for you, and all are good!

1. Order one of the tours in Baku, and I will be happy to give you a jar of olive jam or Sheki baklava!
2. Order two excursions, and escort to the eastern bazaar for tea, caviar, spices, glasses of Armuda and other gifts of Azerbaijan will cost free!
3. Come with a company! For large groups, I make good discounts. It will be fun and profitable!

1. Excursions - sightseeing, thematic, historical, eco-tourism, mountain, wine, nature, multi-day, gastronomic, culinary
2. Organization of events (excursions, birthdays, anniversaries and other significant events)
3. Master - classes on carpet weaving, pottery, national dances, painting on silk, painting on glasses tulips, culinary master classes.
3. Reservation of restaurants, hotels, individual guest houses in the regions
4. Shopping - escort to bazaars, shops, outlets, recommendations on the purchase of caviar, tea, spices, silk products, ceramics, carpets and other gifts of Azerbaijan
5. Translation services
6. Organization of transfer, escort (Baku, Gabala, Ganja, Zagatala, Naftalan and other cities)

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