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Страны мира Города России

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Гиды Екатеринбург / Nataliia Гид в городе Екатеринбург, Пермь

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Свердловская область, Екатеринбург , Пермь

Nataliia Гид в городе Екатеринбург, Пермь

Язык экскурсий: Английский, Русский

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Биография, опыт работы:

My name is Nataly
and I am a free-lance professional experienced guide providing tours in English. I am licensed to guide in all museums and places of interest in Ekaterinburg and its suburbs. I offer full variety of walking and driving tours, museum visits, trips to magnificent outskirts palaces, boat trips, transfers, visa support and help with accommodation.

Some personal information - I am 44 years old. I work as the professional guide since 2011 and enjoy my job very much. Private guide in Ekaterinburg. I have traveled a lot independently around the US, European and Asian countries and therefore can understand the traveller’s feelings and concerns. I am interested in history (not only in facts but in the explanations – why certain events have happened), in art (so we can talk a lot about the architectural styles and the beauty of paintings) and in the social life (so you are very welcome to ask any questions about everyday Russian life, political and social issues). Providing the tours my main objective is to meet your expectations and treat you as my guests showing the best of the city, helping to feel Russian life and unique atmosphere of the Urals capital.

May be you have your own plans. Excursion in Ekaterinburg. May be you want to see something unusual. May be you simply like to be flexible and change your plans on the way. Or you have just one day in my city and want to see as much as possible. Or none of the suggested tours fit your requirements. This is an option for you – get the guide and the driver for a day or half day, discuss the plans in the morning and let the day go. Museums, restaurants, shops, palaces, factories, beaches, villages and anything else you may enjoy. Tour with private guide in Ekaterinburg. We have a driver so why not to go to some far away places. May be the forest to pick up mushrooms? Or lake to fish? Or the real estate agency to choose and buy an apartment in the city? We will start from your hotel or apartment, drive you wherever you choose and bring you back at the end of the day.


The best of Ekaterinburg  - 3 hours

«Ekaterinburg - the city of The First Russian President Boris Yeltsin»

Excursion «Brothers in Arms»

One foot in Europe, another one - in Asia & Museum of Arms in V.Pyshma

The Romanov's tragic execution
Excursion to The Holy Burial Places of the Romanovs

Siberian Countryside Experience trip

Экскурсии гида:

стоимость от 4000

Свердловская область, Екатеринбург

Мыпокажем Вам самые красивые места, расскажем самые увлекательные истории! Городской пруд и Плотинка, прекрасный архитектурный ансамбль на набережной Городского пруда и памятник основателям города Де Генину и Татищеву, Храм Во Имя Всех Святых в Земле Российской Просиявших на месте убиения семьи Рома...


Рассказы гида:

Свердловская область, Екатеринбург

Примерно около 300 тыс. лет тому назад начинается проникновение человека на Урал. Самые древние орудия были найдены на стоянке Ельники-2 в Прикамье (возникшей примерно 300 тыс. лет тому назад) и стоянке Богдановка на Южном Урале (200 тыс. лет тому назад).Человек продвигался на новые территории в бол...


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