Stay on the island of Olkhon is impossible without visiting Cape Khoboy, translated from Buryat means "Fang", the most northerly Cape of the island. Cape Khoboy legend about the Dragon, who, flying over a sacred Lake, dropped its Fang, who had gone deep into the Earth, leaving behind the outlines of the island a distinctive footprint. Scientists speculate that this legend is associated with memories of the fall of some cosmic body (possibly it could cause strong geomagnetic activity. The locals insist that sometimes on Cape can meet the spirits of their dead ancestors or see their own previous incarnations of this place you can see the most extraordinary beauty of Lake Baikal, as if in a fairy tale! And what a miracle nerpočki! Cape Khoboy is the best place to meet the Sunrise , be sure to do it-and you will have a surge of strength, energy and inspiration! The road, of course, is not an easy one, but for the sake of such grandeur nature miracle must go.

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