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Almost every tourist who visited Moscow is familiar with the Kremlin, but only few of them know that there is another one located out of the mainstream tourist path. Generally, "Kremlin" is a Russian word meaning a fortification built to protect a city. But it's not the case with the Izmailovsky Kremlin. It doesn't perform the function of any fortification and perhaps isn't very historically accurate. It was built as a cultural and entertainment complex in 2007 with an imitation of the Russian architecture of the 18th century. Here one can find Tsar`s Palace, built with the same style as ‎the summer palace of Tsar Alexey Mikhailovich in Kolomenskoye; the Church of St. Nicholas, the highest wooden church in Russia (46 m / 151 ft in height); museums, cafes, souvenir shops etc.The Izmailovsky Kremlin houses several museums, including Museum of Russian vodka, Museum of Russian Folk Arts, Museum of bread.There are two remarkable markets next to the Izmailovsky Kremlin: a flea market and the Izmailovsky Vernisazh. The Vernisazh offers variety of souvenirs and handcrafts from different Russian regions in traditional styles such as Khokloma, Gzhel, Palekh, while in the flea market you can purchase antiques, furniture, old books, etc.

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