Fortifications and Monasteries of Moscow (4 hour)

Московская область, Москва
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Фото Gorskaya Ilona
Gorskaya Ilona


Beginning from the XIVth century Moscow was surrounded by a number of fortifications, which formed the circles of the city. Kitai-Gorod, Belyi-Gorod, Earth Town – they provided protection for the settlement. The oldest monasteries of the city included St. Daniel`s, St. Andronic`s, the New Saviors Convent, New Maiden's Convent, the monastery of the Virgin of the Don and of St. Simone. During our excursion we'll see all of them and try to discover more of the history of the city. Tour lasts 4 hours and includes visits to the monastery grounds. Recommended for history and architecture-lovers (4-hour tour includes the visit to two monasteries).

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