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My name is Natalia and I’m an interpreter and a tourist guide in Moscow. While interpreting in English and French is my main job during the year, I take advantage of summer season to practice tourguiding around Moscow – activity which I’m totally in love with. I’ve been guiding for 5 years in Moscow, but also on river cruises from Moscow to Saint-Petesrbug. As for myself, so, I’m a friendly and easy-going person who loves history, arts and travelling, but, above all, meeting new people from all over the world. I have spent my entire life in Moscow and I’m madly in love with it! And my real passion is to share my love for Moscow with you - by showing you around the most beautiful and fascinating places of the Russian capital. I organize walking tours around the center of Moscow covering three most beautiful and important areas of the city – Kuznetskiy most, a lovely old town with a huge pedestrian zone dotted with old buildings in Russian style, Kitay-Gorod, a heart and cradle of ancient Moscow and the most aristocratic district of the city, and, finally, Zamoskvorechye , an old merchant district with a unique calm and quite ambiance not usual for Moscow.

Dear guests, please notice that all of the tours are organized on the weekend exclusively.

Kuznetskiy most.

This city tour will acquaint  you with Moscow’s old town called “Kuznetsky most” (Blacksmith’s bridge), as well as with some of most splendid Moscow streets and squares. During this exciting 1,5 hour tour you’ll get to know lot’s of curious facts about the notorious KGB building and children’s shopping mall just in front of it, the famous Bolshoy (Big) Theatre - symbol of Russian ballet, the most luxurious Moscow hotels, the main Moscow highway leading to the Kremlin, the eldest commercial district of Moscow - cradle of French fashion and lifestyle, and finally try to search for traces of a river once crossing Kuznetsky most district and now hidden into an underground tube.


During this 1,5 city tour you will visit the oldest aristocratic district of Moscow with a very strange name “Kitay-Gorod” (meaning “China town” in Russian, though you’d hardly meet any Chinese there), walk on the most ancient street of the city dating back to the 14th century which contains more historical monuments, churches and palaces than any other street in Moscow, admire a beautiful panorama of the ultra-modern high-tech park “Zaryadye” laid out on the site of a huge Soviet-style hotel, discover a curious Jewish neighborhood with its architectural pearl – Moscow Choral Synagogue from the late 19th century and have a look at the oldest Lutheran parish in Moscow with its gorgeous Neo-Gothic cathedral.


This excursion is especially for those who want to avoid the hustle and bustle of Moscow’s busy center and discover a calm and quiet area which is surprisingly rich in fascinating historical buildings and cozy little streets with a totally romantic ambiance. Moreover, this unusual excursion gives you a great chance to see such famous Moscow cultural sites as the Tretyakov Gallery, one of the largest museums of Russian paintings in the world, and a magnificent orthodox Baroque church named after the catholic Pope Clement I, unique in Russia. Moreover, you will see typical old Russian merchant houses from 18th and 19th centuries, a marvelous pedestrian bridge dubbed by Moscovites as a bridge of love due to its trees with love locks and a gorgeous river embankment.

Kuznetskiy most

Hi everyone! A couple of words about myself.I’m a friendly and easy-going person who loves history, arts and travelling, but, above all, meeting new p …


Hi everyone! A couple of words about myself. I’m a friendlyand easy-going person who loves history, arts and travelling, but, above all, meeting new p …


Hieveryone! A couple of words about myself. I’m a friendly and easy-going person who loves history, arts and travelling, but, above all, meeting new p …

Sightseeing in Moscow

A set of exciting and fascinating views of historic districts of Moscow that you can see during my walking city tours

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