Савелова Евгения Михайловна

Московская область, Москва
Язык: Английский, Русский

Hello", or should I say "привет", (that means "hello" in Russian).  My name is Jane! I love Moscow - the city of my birth and I would love to show you this beautiful city . First of all, my golden rule is: "Put yourself in your customer's place". When you're taking care of the customer, you can never do too much. And there is no wrong way. . . if it comes from the heart.I will be your personal guide, who can show you things in a short few hours, that would take you weeks of research and years of experience. On my tours you will get a real feel of what it is like to be a local and I will show you how to use the subway system or rent a car.

I can organize the personal trip around Moscow and show any place that’d you want. Specially I can organize you any sport event or advise perfect sport bar. I cat get any tickets for any concert or show which you prefer!!!

Pricing: - day time walking tour - 1800 rub per hour (~ $30 ) night time (after 9 p.m.) - 2500 rub per hour (~$45)

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