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Гиды Москва / Спасская Марина Юрьевна Гид в городе Москва, Сергиев Посад

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Московская область, Москва , Сергиев Посад

Спасская Марина Юрьевна Гид в городе Москва, Сергиев Посад

Язык экскурсий: Английский, Русский

Телефон: +79169... Показать

Веб-сайт: www.mosvoyage.com

Экскурсии гида (9)    Отзывы (14)

Биография, опыт работы:

Марина – ваш частный гид по Москве от туристического агенства МосВояж.

Я - аккредитованный при правительстве г Москвы гид-экскурсовод. Буду рада поделиться своими знаниями о Москве с вами и показать вам город во всей красе. Москва, как любимая и увлекательная книга, которую можно перечитывать множество раз и при этом открывать каждый  раз что-то новое. Присоединяйтесь к прогулкам! Я всегда искренне всем рада.

Dear all. My name is Marina and I am a professional licenced Tour Guide in Moscow and nearest outskirts. I am always happy to provide our tourists with the best services. I arrange walking tours as well as round city trips on the premium class car. For me Moscow is like a favourite book that you can read many times each time revealing something new and uncovered. Join me and we will have great time together in one of the most beautiful cities in the world - Moscow. 


Walking tours, any place of interest in Moscow.

Premium car round city trips with stops and walks at the main sights.

Transfer from the hotel.

Transfer from the airport. 

Sergiev Posad tours.  

Экскурсии гида:

Московская область, Москва

During our walking trip around Kremlin Walls and at the Red Square and Alexander Garden you will discover the main city center historical places.You will find out why Moscow is considered to be the third Rome, you will learn about the main historical events happened in Russia since the foundation of...


Московская область, Москва

Almost every tourist who visited Moscow is familiar with the Kremlin, but only few of them know that there is another one located out of the mainstream tourist path. Generally, "Kremlin" is a Russian word meaning a fortification built to protect a city. But it's not the case with the Izmailovsky Kre...

стоимость от 240 $

Московская область, Москва

The Trinity Lavra in Sergiev Posad is a part of the legendary Golden Ring of Russia and a unique architectural masterpiece protected by UNESCO World Heritage organization. It is the main acting Orthodox monastery (also called "Russian Vatican") which played a significant role in the history of Russi...


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Эвилина 23.09.2018 15:09

Это были потрясающие выходные! Наши итальянские друзья улетали абсолютно счастливыми! Марина, Вы невероятная! Большое спасибо за самую необыкновенную экскурсию по этому волшебному городу!

Александра 14.09.2018 23:09

Мариночка! Спасибо большое за очень познавательную экскурсию! Если Вы хотите получить супер-экскурсии по Москве и другим городам, то вам сюда!!! Марина - профессионал!

BanerjeePri 06.09.2018 15:09

The customer service at MosVoyage was truly exceptional. Marina the owner of MosVoyage helped me and my husband with every detail imaginable before we arrived. Luckily we had her as our tour guide during our 3 days stay in Moscow. She was personable, friendly, knowledgeable and professional! It was like touring with a friend.

On our first day we took the metro tour with her, learning some of the history made for a fascinating experience. She helped me in maneuvering the strollers of both my children on stairs and escalators, which was commendable. I was beyond impressed with how kind and helpful she was. Both my children enjoyed her company throughout our tour.

We spent the next two days seeing the historical sites at the Kremlin, visiting the Nikulin Circus, taking a boat cruise and shopping at Izmailovosky Market, where she helped me in choosing the souvenirs that I bought back home. Also it was really sweet of her to buy us a souvenir for our Anniversary.

She richly explained Moscow from all sorts of perspectives; historical, cultural, architectural, religious, war-time and more.

Moscow Russia is an amazing city to visit. Even better when you have a team of people assisting you with the tour and with everything you need. We would like to thank Marina and her team from the bottom of our hearts.

Наталия 02.08.2018 15:08

Спасибо Марине за отличную экскурсию и прекрасную организацию! Все четко, понятно, доступно даже для детей. Очень довольны. Единственный минус-пробки((( в расчет экскурсии приходится закладывать время на ожидание в пробках. Хорошо, что нам это ожидание нам сгладили историческими справками.

Анна 10.07.2018 19:07

Мариночка, спасибо вам за исполнение мечты!!!! Без вас это было бы не интересно.Поездка была очень позновательной и хорошо организована. Вера в священные камни была очень сильна в древние времена, но и в наши дни вера продолжает существовать. Многие люди хотят во что-то верить. А почему бы и не в силу камня... Синий камень был объектом поклонения древнего племени мерян и древних славян-язычников. Обязательно посетите Переславль!

Василий 10.07.2018 11:07

Великолепная экскурсия. Экскурсовод Марина удивительный человек, который мастерски умеет создать атмосферу присущую данной тематике. Интересное повествование, не дающее ни на минуту заскучать. Благодаря ей мне и моей семье удалось полностью погрузится в атмосферу древнерусского времени. Спасибо

Casa Ricca T 09.07.2018 21:07

Thank you very much, Marina, you are the best guide ever ;) Guys, I strongly recommend to take private guide in Moscow, because this way you'll see much, much more...

todd979 08.07.2018 11:07

I was with my family in Moscow for a few days. I found in the search to see the city and the main seeings. I got lucky. The guide with a huge Russian soul Marina was very kind and hospitable. She loves her job! In a very compressed time we made walk around the city center, saw the Kremlin and cathedrals, took a river trip! My kids enjoyed that! Russia is very safe and opened country. Thanks. Todor. Bulgaria!

Iris 06.07.2018 07:07

We had two excursions with Marina. We fell in love with Moscow, we got many interesting facts and stories. Excursions allow to feel the city better. Thank you, Marina! We will come again for new discoveries )

Parsa M 05.07.2018 22:07

Hello We came from Iran and we chose Mosvoyage to visit historical sites and our guide was Mrs. Marina, which was very good for us and we got a lot of information.

Елена 04.07.2018 05:07

Превосходная обзорная экскурсия по центру,великолепный город с богатой историей, было очень интересно и познавательно!!!

tibidaba 03.07.2018 19:07

I had guests from Columbia and we took great Premium Round Trip in Moscow with a guide Marina from Mosvoyage. It was really cool. We learnt much of Russian history, even for me a lot of information was new and very interesting. We visited many sights not listed in the guide-book. It was really impressive. The tour lasted more than 6 hours. We and my friends are grateful to MosVoyage for all the services we got.

msN6979IA 03.07.2018 18:07

It was really great! We saw the main sights followed by an interesting story and we had a lot of nice moments with MosVoyage! Very nice guide and knows the history and architecture perfectly well! We are really impressed by the city and by the guide. Sure we’ll be back! Highly recommend!

GokeNathaniel 03.07.2018 12:07

Moscow wasn't on our original itinerary. Making a detour to experience the city proved to be a great decision and thanks to MosVoyage. Our Guides were exceptionally kind. They showed us around and their knowledge of Russia's history is amazing.

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