Classic Moscow: 5 days/4 nights


Санкт-Петербург, пр. Стачек, 37, офис 214. 

Day 1Moscow

Upon arrival in Moscow you are provided assistance of local English speaking guide. Private transfer to the hotel.

Day 2Moscow

Enjoy private city tour of a vibrant capital of Russia, visit historic Red Square where important, turning point events have taken place. Visit the colorful onion-shaped domes of St. Basil’s Cathedral.

Day 3Moscow

This day is dedicated to Moscow Kremlin. You guide will show you the territory with the Tsar Bell, the Tsar Cannon, and one of the most important Russian orthodox cathedrals. This afternoon is a walking tour of Moscow city centre and metro. Moscow metro was constructed in 30-s of the XX c. old stations look like underground palaces. Soviets did not save money on the design of the stations, metro was a symbol of Soviet People’s achievements.

Day 4

Moscow.The Kremlin in Izmailovo is a unique cultural and entertainment centre in Moscow, built in a pseudo-Byzantine style, based loosely on what palaces in Russia looked like in pre-Petrine times, but more inspired by drawings of Russian fairy tales. This complex is used for civil weddings as it has a wedding palace, a restaurant and bars. However, it is also used as an amusement park and open-air museum on the theme of «Old Russia’» There is also a big souvenir and flea market.

Day  5Moscow

Transfer to the airport.

Price in euro per person

10 pax20+1 pax30+1 pax40+1 pax
145 eur109 eur81 eur66 eur

Prices include: 

guide and transportation services

entrance fees to indicated museums.

Price doesn’t  include:accommodation

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