Saint-Petersburg State University: courses of guides-interpreters of Saint-Petersburg Saint-Petersburg State University of Culture, Faculty of Museulogy Work experience: private guide of Saint-Petersburg for 5 years; interpreter; translations for foreign companies. Licences: Peter and Paul fortress, Saint-Isaacs cathedral, Savior on the Blood, Russian museum, Peterhof, Pavlovsk.

I work with groups up to 10 people. I offer prepared sightseeing and highlights tours of Saint-Petersburg for those who plane their first visit, and profound museum and theme tours for experienced visitors. The main principle of my work is unicity of provided tours. I do my best to justify the sence of personal guide work. Personal tours have number of advantages: travelling in a small group allows to enjoy a sensible dialogue, to be more attentive, recipient and open-minded. Little groups of travellers profit their flexibility, they can enter more clubby places, use various transport, and it makes possible to customize tour in harmony with their character and personal pace, and help them to spend holidays in a relaxed athmosphere, having wonderful adventures without any pressuse, in their own rythm. Private guide is a prize for those who is looking for something special, or has not only touristic interest. Private guide is your local friend, holiday companionship and versed advisor. You are welcome to Saint-Petersburg.

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