Гасанова Нурана

Азербайджан, Баку
Язык: Азербайджанский, Английский, Русский

I strive to provide an exceptional loyal

service to an exclusive group of clients. I do not just want to expand but I want to develop hand-in-hand with clients, encouraging and inspiring them to travel and experience only the very best.  By adhering to cherished traditions and keeping innovations paramount, I strive to offer the best to generations to come. More than 1000 culture, private and historical tours!!!



ENGLISH: Q.  QUALIFICATION: S and P Training Certificate

RUSSIAN: Secondary School



DUTCH:  Communication&Living

FRENCH: French Culture Center

University and School:

AZTU, 2004, Diploma  - AREA: Tourism & Social Service    - Bachelor

 AZTU, 2006 , Diploma - Tourism & Social Service - Master

S&P TRAINING, 2004, Certified  -  English Language

S&P TRAINING, 2005, Certified  -  Computer skills                      

AZTA, 2005, Certified - English Language                     

BRITISH COUNCIL, 2015, Certified  - IELTS                       

UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA, 2017, Certified - Financial Literacy

FRENCH CULTURE CENTER, Awaiting -  French Language

AQUILA VIDEO LESSONS    -   Travel guide Course                                                

Avia Travel, Sales/Tour Operator, AZ, 2 yrs. - Market research;

Pricing information; Attending industry events; Booking & Invoicing.                          

Work Experience:                                                                                

Freelancer, Tour Guide, AZ, 2 yrs. & present       

·         Leading tour groups, catering to all customer needs;

·         Giving talks about the culture, language and history of the Azerbaijan outback;

·         Greet and register visitors, and issue any required identification badges and/or safety devices, Developing and establishing relationships with travel agents;

·         Communicate with the group/s or their representative/s about the details of the tour – assembly time and place, destination, accommodation, transportation, immigration concerns (if the tour is set abroad) and cost;

·         Make sure all the members of the tour group follow the schedules set;

·         During the tour, communicate with your tour group in a cheerful and engaging manner.

Azerbaijan history: I have had a lifelong fascination with history, particularly  Azerbaijan’s colorful past and indigenous history; Environmental sustainability: this is my passion in both my personal and professional life; Mediation and yoga; Photography: I love to capture the beauty of the Azerbaijan nature;

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