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Страны мира Города России

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Гиды Екатеринбург / Ворощук Дмитрий Voroschuk Dmitrii

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Биография, опыт работы:

1988 -1993 Ural Mining Academy (geology)
1997 Uppsala University (geology)
2007 Ural State University (translation and interpretation)

1993 - 2003
- Scientific researcher in the Ural Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences (Institute of Geology and Geochemistry)
- Organization of international geological expeditions in the Ural region.
2003 - to the present day
- Organization of tours for foreigners in Russia (Baikal, Altai, Kola Peninsula, Caucasus etc.) and the Ural region

Translation (En-Ru, Ru-En)


Professional guide-interpreter in the Ural Mountains, geologist, photographer, interpreter, translator. I offer all kinds of activity in the Ural Mountains, Lake Baikal area and the Altai Mountains.

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нонна 2012-03-10 06:02:04
Дима привет, с нетерпением жду фото.
Ворощук Дмитрий 2011-05-24 15:45:43
For arranging the trip (trekking and cycling from Miass - Zlatoust - Miass through Taganay national park) I only had contact with Dmitrij. It was simple agreement about the trekking. I was pleased to see that it was possible to make agreement on short term. You operate very flexible. Really good! It was a pleasant trip, well prepared. Conditions were a bit extreme, weather fluctuated. I learnt a lot about trekking in remote area. May be equipment could be better. I have a great time with Dmitrij and Ruslan, thanks! Ruben Abma, Holland Thanks again for wonderfull experience, it was fun to spend the day with you and your firends, the dogs were avesome. Tibor Bokor, Czeck Republic Thank you so much for arranging things for us, I really did have a great time at Kaga. I had never driven a snowmobile, had never been cross country skiing or in a horse sled, and the only time I have ridden a horse was when I was a child!! So my new experiences were many. Russia is in some ways as I had expected but in so many others different. Patricia Biggins, Great Britain ...Courtesy of a company that specialized in expeditions to the Urals I immersed myself briefly in Ermak's world. Our group was led by Dmitry Voroshchuk, a bearded, bespectacled, thirty-four-year-old graduate of the local Mining Institute, who had transferred his academic expertise into a profitable little enterprise escorting like-minded enthusiasts through the geological and ecological wonders of the Urals. We drove out of Ekaterinburg along a minor road until we came to a rough track that led to a clearing overlooking teh Chusovaya. Then we clambered some 200 metres down a steep and slippery wooden bank, carrying a couple of infalted catamaran rafts that would take us downriver for the afternoon. once launched, we paddled gently in Ermak's wake. In spring the river becomes a dangerous torrent; in the autumn sunlight it was reassuringly benign, though it occasionally bubbled and boiled as it accelerated over a shoal of mini-rapids that threatened to ground us ignominiously in the middle of the river. On either side the trees crowded from the skyline to the water's edge, making way only for the occasional slab of grey-white perpendicular rock at 30 metres or more in height - the Urals undressed - which ran down into the water, a natural fortress against invaders... From the BBC book: "RUSSIA. A Journey to the Heart of a Land and its People" by Jonathan Dimbleby. We had a really enjoyable stay in Ekaterinburg and yes, our legs do still ache ever so slightly but it was worth it! However, we must work on our fitness for our next big trek in the countryside. It was really nice to meet you and maybe our paths will cross again in the future. We will certainly recommend your company to any friends who plan to visit Russia. Thanks again, Niamh and Catherine (Ireland) It was nice to know a litle bit of the urals mountains together with you. I'm sure that there are fantastic views and possible trekking to do if you stay longer in the area.. it is a pitty that it was not possible this time.. maybe in the future who knos. Thanks a lot for your information Greetigs from all my colleges Best regards Carme (Spain) We have appreciated very much our trip on transsiberian and meeting people like you who give a special note at our trip. Regards. Louise Charette (Canada) Last June, I travelled to Russia for the very first time to attend an international conference on forests and climate change in Ekaterinburg. It is located directly across the North Pole from where I live in Edmonton, Canada, with a 12-hour time change. My colleagues and I had the pleasure of joining the 3-day excursion organized by Ural Expeditions and Tours that took us from Ekaterinburg to the village of Tyulyuk in the southern Ural Mountains. As it happened, my 51st birthday happened to be on the day we climbed up Mount Iremel, and I couldn't think of a better place to commemorate such an event! I was impressed with how well the excursion was organized, and it was great seeing so much of Russian culture and scenery during my short visit. I'm continuing to enjoy the memories by showing my digital photos of the trip to friends, family and colleagues. Thanks especially to Dmitrij for all his help with our logistics and for providing this wonderful opportunity! Ted Hogg. Canada

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