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Страны мира Города России

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Гиды Москва / Матросова Елизавета Михайловна Гид в городе Москва

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Московская область, Москва

Матросова Елизавета Михайловна Гид в городе Москва

Язык экскурсий: Английский, Русский

Экскурсии гида (1)    Отзывы (12)

Биография, опыт работы:

My name is Lisa, I'm a degreed art historian. I've been working as a tour guide for 5 years already. I love my home city and am always happy to meet new people and show them around. Just tell me what you'd like to see and we'll think of the best programme for our tour around Moscow.
Moscow museums and galleries (the choice depends on what art you prefer), The Tretyakov Gallery (classic or modern art department), The Pushkin Museum, Moscow Kremlin Museums, Red square... This all is a must tourist routine for the first time stay. But if you've already seen it and have more time left or it's not your first time in Moscow, then the unexplored part will begin. Again, depending on your interests it might be a tour around Moscow gardens, parks and big mansion houses, Moscow boulevards and the hidden authentic parts of old aristocratic Moscow, its small beautiful streets away from the busy traffic and the crowds. If you're interested in the Soviet period, we'll see the best buildings and monuments of that time, which are also very impressive. Moscow has so many great things to see, once I counted and discovered that showing it to someone properly would take me no less than a month! So, whatever you like, together we'll find the best way for you personally.

Меня зовут Елизавета, я — дипломированный историк искусства, родившийся в Москве и влюбленный в свой город. Если бы мне нужно было показать кому-либо Москву целиком, "от" и "до", то подобный тур занял бы как минимум месяц и включил бы в себя посещение самых разных мест, которыми богата наша столица. Поэтому, учитывая пожелания и интересы отдельных людей, я составляю частные туры, индивидуально ориентированные на каждого из моих клиентов. 


I offer: 

- individual tours around Moscow museums and galleries as well as temporary exhibitions. 

- group and individual tours around Moscow metro. 

- group and individual walking tours around Moscow tourist attractions and less famous places only known to the locals as well as palace complexes and parks.

Я предлагаю: 

- авторские индивидуальные туры по музеям и галереям Москвы (ГМИИ им. Пушкина, Государственная Третьяковская галерея, Кремль, Музей русского импрессионизма и т. д.), а также временным выставкам и экспозициям.

- групповые и индивидуальные пешеходные экскурсии по городским достопримечательностям, а также дворцовым и парковым ансамблям. 

- групповые и индивидуальные экскурсии по московскому метро. 

Экскурсии гида:

стоимость от 4000 р

Московская область, Москва

Во время прогулки по московскому метро вы увидите двенадцать самых красивых станций столичной подземки и узнаете, как ее внешность трансформировалась от десятилетия к десятилетию и что именно на нее влияло. Вы обнаружите, что эти станции могли выглядеть совсем по-другому, а также ознакомитесь с идея...


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Gail 20.09.2018 09:09

This was our first experience booked with Airbnb. Lisa was amazing and we learnt so much about the history of Russia, the architecture and the art/design of the Moscow Metro. Along with this she had carefully selected the stations so that we could see the development of the stations throughout the period. If you are in Moscow - this is a must. A real treat to have Lisa to the two of us to go through this with us. Such great value. If you are lucky enough to be able to book Lisa - then do! Her English is excellent and she is so knowledgeable - she has an artist’s eye, an art historians understanding and lives her city!

Samuel 11.09.2018 23:09

A must see in Moscow! There's a great deal of history covered-up and carved-into the Underground Palace that is the Moscow Metro. Lisa does a fantastic job piloting you through the time sub-machine. A well paced and engaging experience of the various stages of Russia's complex history.

Ekaterina 27.07.2018 22:07

Super awesome experience!! Lisa is an art history professional who speaks perfect English. This tour is timed perfectly to fit in a lot of information and impressive beauty of Moscow's Metro but is still kept within 2 hours. We enjoyed it very much, the stories behind he sculptures, monuments and decor, Lisa's sweetness and an amazing immersion into the city's underground life that is so busy, colorful and is an incredible place to people watch and explore Moscow from a different angle. I highly recommend Lisa with her thoughtful advice and extensive knowledge of Russian culture as well as this wonderful tour! Лиза, спасибо тебе большое! Очень было интересно!

Faisal 22.07.2018 17:07

Lisa was highly informative and patient in explaining the history & significance behind each station in great detail. In order to grasp the history behind such extravagantly built stations, this experience is a must!

Colleen 20.07.2018 16:07

I highly recommend this tour to anyone coming to Russia for first time Lisa chose for us a well curated sample of metro stations and was well versed on the period architecture and contributing historical events. More than that, Lisa is poised, professional and very organized . Our time with her was very memorable.

Annika 01.07.2018 21:07

My experience of the Russia Metro was already awesome; being that it is beautiful, clean, artful and has interesting sites, sounds, etc. Lisa took the artful component and expanded our experience on a large scale. She is an expert and very professional too. She explained in detail then always gave us time to soak in the story and images, indulge our curiosity and expand upon it with further details of engagement. It was historically fascinating and gave me a wonderful insight into Russian History and its struggles ,triumphs, and mentality . Spaceba Lisa!

Agnesia Lubuk 01.07.2018 11:07

I would like to express my gratitude to Elizaveta Mikhailovna for an interesting and fascinating walk! She is an amazing guide! She was very informative with a great knowledge of material. She was a really great guide and storyteller! I really like her presentation! I would highly recommend to my friends! to everyone!

Alexandra 06.05.2018 07:05

Lisa's tour of the Moscow Underground was outstanding. She was an exceptional guide with thorough knowledge of the architecture and art work. It was great to have such a personalized experience with her in a small group. I would highly recommend.

Michelle 24.04.2018 23:04

I would recommend Lisa's tour of the metro to anyone and everyone who visits Moscow. There is so much history told in the architecture of the metro system. It was super fascinating. Lisa is an Art History graduate, and it shows. Lisa is extremely professional and full of impressive knowledge. I even think that locals should take her tour because they would learn a lot about their metro system. Going on the Moscow undergroud tour with Lisa absolutley made my 1 week trip to Moscow memorable. 5 stars all around!

Qais 16.03.2018 14:03

This was a really engaging tour! A lot of history and a great way to see the city!

Mourad 08.03.2018 10:03

This was a really interesting tour highliting archtechtural evolution during the soviet era. Lisa is very knowledgeable of historical facts which makes a difference if you were just passing by in the metro stations on your own. I highly recommend Lisa to anyone interested in discovering some of the gems of Moscow.

Alexander 02.12.2017 22:12

I really enjoyed Lisa’s walking tour through the different metro stations. She takes you to places that are not the typical stations you might get if you travel on different metro tours. She really has done her research and her passion as an art historian comes through. She gives you a glimpse into how the metros were created, what they used to look like from the outside, and then shows you around the metro pointing out the amazing architecture and art in these “underground palaces.” We were really lucky on the trip and had a chance to ride a few really unique trains (we were super lucky and got to ride the Aquarelle Train on the Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya Line - yes I had to (Hidden by Airbnb) this to get this correct). Lisa’s English is excellent and she really makes this tour what it is. If you want to see some amazing metro stations (trust me, Moscow has some of the most amazing stations in the world) then book this experience with Lisa. I think you will be very happy you did.

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