4 day trip to the ancient cities of Azerbaijan!

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Продолжительность: 4-5.2 days

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Day 1
"All the monuments of the ancient city of Baku: a journey through time."
Baku People are sure that Baku is the most beautiful city on earth. It is difficult to disagree with them, you will be convinced of this by visiting tours of the sights of the Azerbaijani capital. You are waiting for the colorful old streets of the Old City, which were the location of several scenes from the comedy “The Diamond Arm”. We will visit places thanks to which the capital has gained fame as a modern metropolis. Take a funicular ride to look at the city from above, take unforgettable photos in the Highland Park, visit 3 giant skyscrapers (Flame Towers), admire the Palace of Happiness and the houses of other millionaires, find out amazing stories of their love for their wives (and not only )
Next we will have a walk along the Baku Boulevard - this is a promenade several tens of years long.
You will be a stone's throw from the Carpet Museum, take a gondola ride in the little Venice. But that is not all. You will meet with one of the most beautiful buildings not only in Baku, but also in the whole world - the Heydar Aliyev Center, where you will be immersed in the history, culture, traditions of this people.
Day 2
"Absheron is a national treasure."
On Absheron, we will visit the Ateshgah temple, where the pilgrimage of fire-worshipers (adherents of Zoroastrianism) began in the 17th century, we climb the defensive tower of the Middle Ages in the village of Myardyakan, we will be imbued with the energy of the sanctuaries in the village of Gala, and finally we will sit in a restaurant and try fish dishes of national Azerbaijani cuisine. I assure you you have never tasted such yummy!
Ateshgah: sacred place of fire worshipers.
The tour begins in the small village of Surahani. You will learn how oil production began in these places, take a photo of oil rigs and look at Ateshgah, an old Zoroastrian temple, which locals call the temple of eternal flame.
Secrets of the old fortresses Gala and Myardyakan.
Just imagine that the ancient fortresses of 12-13 centuries survived to the present day. During the tour I will tell you about the secrets hidden by the castles in Gala and Mardakan, how the people who remained in it managed to hold a siege for months
A separate story is about a man who, at the call of his heart, became the Guardian of the fortress in our time. Everyone who is interested in history and wants to plunge headlong into the darkness of centuries comes here. Find out how people lived on Absheron hundreds of years ago, what houses they built, what they ate and drank, what crafts they owned, and why modern Azerbaijan is just the way it is.
Another interesting Gala museum that you cannot pass by is the garbage museum. It presents unusual, exciting spirit and strange art objects from household waste.
Acquaintance with national life and craft from the inside
Experienced craftsmen will help you to plunge completely into the ancient life of the inhabitants of Absheron - try yourself in weaving, pottery or bake bread / cake yourself in the oven according to the ancient Azerbaijani recipe. You will get a lot of impressions, you can take unique photos and take with you wonderful memories of this magical place where history is intertwined with modernity.
Fish feast
On the tour, you only teased your appetite, so it's time to dine!
Lunch will be held in one of the fishing villages, where the main trump cards of this place are barbecue with spices and dishes in pomegranate and cornel sauce with barberries and tomatoes from the gifts of the Caspian Sea - the best Caspian fish (bersh, omul, sturgeon, beluga)
The chef says he uses dozens of spices in the marinade and keeps this unique formula a secret.

Day 3
"Shemakha, Lahich and Ivanovka - the land of winemakers and artisans."
We will get acquainted with ancient Muslim shrines and unique natural landscapes. First stop is the Diri Baba Mausoleum. Next, we will visit the famous city of Shemakha, a city from Pushkin's fairy tales, where we will see the oldest mosque in the Caucasus.
Cheeses, nature, and of course, wine!
In order to truly feel the aromatic drink, we will begin acquaintance with it at one of the most amazing wineries in Azerbaijan, you will have an excursion around the winery, an examination of the production and storage of wine in one of the largest wine cellars in Azerbaijan, well, a wine tasting with local cheeses productions are beautiful species, fragrant berries and an educational journey.
Having overcome the Shemakhan pass, we will go to the village-reserve Lahich.
The road winds along a mountain serpentine, on one side of which there are steep high rocks. The spectacle is magnificent, you can stop and take some "cool" pictures.
Lahic is a city of artisans, here from all sides we hear the sound of tools of blacksmiths, gunsmiths, coppersmiths. The streets of Lagic are homely and clean. You are waiting for gatherings with local residents, visiting whom you will visit, where you will definitely be seated at the table. You will try the local cuisine, listen to stories about people who lived and worked here many centuries ago.
There is a guest house in the village where, if you wish, you can spend the night, and the next morning, backed by farm products, go along the paths of the Great Silk Road to Gabala and Sheki.
Day 4
The ancient cities of Gabala and Sheki.
The city of Gabala, where we will go the next day of our trip, is about 2 thousand years old. It is surrounded by high mountains (about 5 thousand meters above sea level), on the slopes covered with dense forest.
We will visit the cascade of waterfalls "Seven Beauties".
Along the fabulous forests of Gabala, we will go to the city of Sheki, a city that was the center of the Sheki Khanate in the 17-18 centuries.
I will show you the most interesting monuments: the palace of Sheki khans, caravanserais, the Christian church in the village of Kysh, workshops of stained glass, silk scarves, and ceramics. Having eaten up, we will go for a tasting of a unique Sheki piti dish and Sheki baklava.

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