5-day program “Baku, Absheron and the ancient villages of Azerbaijan / history, cuisine and marvelous nature!”

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Продолжительность: 5 days

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If you have long dreamed of visiting the most hidden corners of Baku and the colorful villages of the country, seeing hi-tech buildings and sacred places, hearing romantic legends, be sure to go on a trip all over Azerbaijan. Here the mountains rush to the sky, and the ancient stone walls remember events so long ago that they almost completely disappeared from people's memory and turned into fantastic legends.
How is the program going
For several years as a guide, I conducted hundreds of excursions for the guests of Azerbaijan. Unlike many of my colleagues who resort to the services of third-party travel and intermediary agencies and companies, often do not conduct excursions themselves, I develop and conduct excursion programs myself.
I am sure that a trip to Azerbaijan will leave an indelible mark on your hearts!
I will show you magnificent architectural monuments, defensive structures built in the 12th – 15th centuries, I will lead you through the streets of the capital, where ancient towers are adjacent to skyscrapers. During the holidays, especially in the evening, the city sparkles with thousands of lights - you must see it! Locals are open and hospitable people, you will have the opportunity to chat with them briefly: try their authentic dishes, discuss life with a glass of tea, get to know life from the inside out.
Day One / Baku - mysterious and unique
When you first get to know Baku, you will understand why thousands of tourists come to this city every year.
In just one day you can visit here in several eras: from the Middle Ages to our time
A busy sightseeing tour of Baku is an exciting journey during which you will see and visit the most famous places of the capital.
Baku is a city with a rich cultural heritage, where literally on every street there are architectural monuments built several centuries ago
If there is no time for a detailed tour of the capital, we will visit the attraction that is considered its visiting card - the old city of Icherisheher
Next we will have an amazing walk in the evening and night city, you will see stunning illumination and find out why the capital of sunny Azerbaijan is called the "land of fire"
Flames, vibrant reflections on the sea waves ... It seems that there is never darkness in Baku, even at night there is light. The evening city is completely different from the day city, as if for the first time in a new light you will see old buildings and the latest buildings. Well, the guests of Baku will be completely amazed and impressed by such an unusual walk!
Day Two / Gobustan and Absheron - national treasures
For those who are interested in the mysteries and secrets of ancient Azerbaijan, I offer an excursion to Gobustan and Absheron. Each guest of the country should definitely visit the historical and art reserve Gobustan. Why?
Firstly, because here you can see an amazing natural phenomenon - mud volcanoes, and secondly, admire the rock paintings that our distant ancestors left behind
Gobustan nature reserve is included in the UNESCO list and is one of the wonders of the world. You will see a fantastic sight: a flame bursts directly from the earth, which never goes out. On Absheron, we will visit the Ateshgah temple, where the pilgrimage of fire-worshipers (adherents of Zoroastrianism) began in the 17th century, we will sit in a restaurant and try fish dishes of national Azerbaijani cuisine. I assure you you have never tasted such yummy!
Day Three / Khizi Agate Mountains and Beshbarmag Sanctuary
High mountains sparkling in the setting sun, like precious stones ... It seems that this place from magical dreams simply cannot exist in reality.
But Khizi is a completely material region of Azerbaijan, if you do not believe it, just go on an excursion to the precious agate mountains of Khizi
You will see everything with your own eyes, touch it with your hands and even be able to take away from here a small pebble of agate - the most popular local souvenir. On the way to the colored mountains, we will stop at the Azerbaijani place of power - Mount Beshbarmag. Reseeding on an SUV, you will reach the sanctuary of Hydyrzind at the very top of the mountain: I will tell stories and legends associated with this mysterious place.
Day Four / Shemakha - a city from the tales of Pushkin and Lagich / Ethno tour with a visit to the winery
Perhaps you did not know, but the insidious queen from Pushkin's fairy tale was from the city of Shemakha. We’ll go there to wander along the old stone-paved streets, to look at local attractions: the Diri Baba mausoleum, Muslim mosques. Then we will visit the Lahic village of craftsmen. The streets of Lagic are homely and clean. Here, everyone, young and old, is engaged in some kind of business. The main "craft" is the manufacture of copper products. You will not only see the skillful work of local craftsmen, but you can also buy your favorite little thing as a souvenir.
By tradition, all guests are seated at the table
You will try the local cuisine, listen to stories about people who lived and worked here many centuries ago.

Day Five / Culinary master class with visits to oriental bazaars and shops
Few people know how to cook real dolma, pilaf - crumbly, rice for rice, flowing out with juices and teasing with aromas of spices. Do you want to try the most delicious pilaf in the world, dolma and not just try, but also learn how to cook it? Then welcome to the culinary master class! You go to the bazaar to choose the best products and spices, then plunge into the culinary process under the guidance of an experienced chef

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