All the best panoramas of evening and night Baku in 4 hours

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The magic of evening Baku.
Flames, the lights of electric lamps, vibrant reflections on the sea waves ... It seems that in Baku there is never absolute darkness, even at night there is light. On this sightseeing tour, you will walk around the evening and night city, you will see stunning illumination and find out why the capital of sunny Azerbaijan is called the "land of fire."

Who is this tour for?
A tour of evening and night Baku suits absolutely everyone, but lovers of illumination and evening romance will especially like it!
Even if you have been to the capital of Azerbaijan several times, already sightseeing and even consider yourself an expert, this walk will captivate you. The evening city is completely different from the day city, as if for the first time you will walk along the Primorsky Boulevard, in a new light you will see old buildings and the latest buildings. Well, the guests of Baku will be completely amazed and impressed by such an unusual walk!

What awaits you?
In the evening and at night the light burns brighter. You are waiting for stunning city landscapes and amazing stories about the "land of lights." You will see the flames and the panorama of the evening and night city burning with lights, the boulevards filled with light, the palaces shimmering with illumination, the Flaming towers directed upwards and the huge Ferris wheel.
Labyrinths of streets and the old city.
The excursion will begin with a short walk in old Baku. You will walk through the winding labyrinths of Baku streets, see the very “damn it” street where you once shot an unforgettable episode from the movie “Diamond Hand”, look into the cozy courtyards, where locals gather in the evenings to exchange news and play tabletop games games. Gradually, you will approach the walls of the city fortress, in the evening they look especially majestic and mysterious! You will admire how the rays of the setting sun burn on the walls of the wonderful Palace of the Shirvanshahs, as the shadows from caravanserais and medieval bath complexes lengthen.

New Baku and the observation deck: the lights at a glance.
You will hear a fascinating story about New Baku as you approach the buildings of our time, more precisely, the era of the oil boom (starting from the 19th century). What oil tycoons participated in the construction and still sponsor the construction of colossal new structures? Who designed unique buildings and created clever lights?
You will get the answer to these and other questions during the walk and see with your own eyes how amazing the buildings of New Baku look at dusk, decorated with magical lights of illumination. Gradually you will approach the Upland park. From its observation deck you will discover a truly breathtaking and unforgettable picture - a bird's-eye view of the night city. It also houses the unique building of the oil company, which is directed to the very height of the darkening sky, and not far away is the famous center of Heydar Aliyev. Its piercing red lights look especially bewitching and mystical.

Flaming Towers, Flag Square, Port of Baku
You will come very close to the highest Flaming Towers. Day and night they can be seen from afar, but the monumentality and grace of these amazing architectural structures are especially striking in the vicinity. You will learn how much effort and labor has been invested in the construction and appreciate the magnificence of this capital's miracle. On the grand square of Flag, life is in full swing at any time, day or night, here you can take wonderful photos. You will also see a huge Ferris wheel and find out who and with whose money built the unique residential complex Port of Baku, resembling a gigantic staircase to the sky.
If the weather is favorable to us, by the end of the tour we will go for a walk along the Caspian Sea on a pleasure boat. If the weather in the city of winds does not allow us to do this, we will go to one of the highest points in our city - the television tower, where we can drink aromatic Azerbaijani tea with the addition of thyme and / or other herbs with sweets (shakerbour, baklava, mutaka, jam) . During a leisurely tea ceremony, I will introduce you to the tea traditions of our people. You will learn how the fate of lovers of Azerbaijanis depends on tea.
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