Baku-Gusar-Shahdag - The Caucasus is at your feet!

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We will go to the very north of Azerbaijan, where, drunk from the crystal clear mountain air and amazing panoramas, we will dance a real Lezghinka with the friendly and incredibly hospitable residents of Gusar, live exciting moments from Lermontov’s life (and, perhaps inspired by amazing stories, we will become authors beautiful poems) and conquer the mountains, enjoying the pristine beauty of the local nature. So, it's time to start our most interesting adventure.
Who is this tour for?
This tour is intended for those who miss the power and cleanliness of the waterfalls, the stunning beauty of the mountains, fascinating and at the same time informative stories, as well as active sports: climbing, skiing, snowboarding and more.
Shahdag - speed, extreme, "backgammon" and unreal views from the mountain peaks
Of course, Azerbaijan, first of all, is a beautiful untouched nature, clean mountain air and a bright distinctive culture with a huge variety of traditions. Shahdag tourist complex will be a pleasant surprise for sports lovers. Alpine skiing, snowboarding, mountaineering, ATVs, horseback riding, various competitions - a variety of entertainment will satisfy every vacationer. And local chefs will gladly treat you to national dishes, including the famous view of pilaf called “nardancha.” Importantly, the resort is open all year round!
Tsar Mountain is not only one of the highest mountains in the country, but also the largest national park in the Caucasus. Therefore, in winter, boldly go to conquer the mountain peaks, and in the summer - enjoy the incredible beauty during cycling.
Laza (Lyaz) - a place where majestic streams fall from the rocky walls
The ancient settlement of Laza is located near the Shahdag complex. This village found its refuge at an altitude of 1300 (m above sea level) in a mountain basin. Here are just magical landscapes, enchanting with their grandeur and outgoing energy.
Particularly noteworthy are the waterfalls escaping from the cliffs with swift force. Surprisingly, in winter there is a climbing competition when the flows fall in winter sleep.
House-Museum of M.Yu. Lermontov, as an excerpt from the life of a Russian poet
The Lermontov House Museum is perhaps one of the most famous attractions not only of the Hussar, but of the whole of Azerbaijan. In the difficult years of life, this city became a haven for a famous Russian poet, which, of course, was reflected in his work. You will find out what events Lermontov went through here, who made friends with famous people, and what preceded the creation of the famous work “Ashik-kerib”.
Tomb of Sheikh Junayd - the main mascot of the region
The tomb of Sheikh Junide is impossible to bypass. Of course, it causes interest in its construction, components and interior. The calm grandeur that envelops the entire square building creates a peaceful atmosphere. However, this is not the most important thing. The tomb of Sheikh Junide is a part of the history of the whole country. It was built by Shah Tahmasib in honor of Sheikh Junayd as a funeral mosque. And during the tour we will figure out who Sheikh Junade is and what role he played in the life of an entire nation.

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