Five unique wonders of Azerbaijan

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The first miracle of Azerbaijan is the pink (dead lake) of Absheron.
Masazyrgel is the most unusual lake in Azerbaijan and, possibly, the most amazing in Transcaucasia. Its main feature is the pink color of water. The lake is located on the Absheron Peninsula and along the edges of the Pink Lake is surrounded by salt.
The lake is unique in its kind. Every year, travelers from different countries come to him to make sure that the water is really unnatural pink (especially in summer, under the influence of sunlight), even if it is poured into a separate vessel, and admire this creation of nature.
The lake is effectively bordered by a white belt of salt, and from a bird's eye view it looks like it was written by Monet, Van Gogh, a little muffled paint. It is not surprising that tourists often take pictures of Rose Lake, namely being on a hill in order to preserve vivid impressions for life and once again make sure of the ingenuity of nature.

Two more miracles of Absheron are the Ateshgah temple and the burning mountain of Yanardag.
Do you know why Azerbaijan is called the "land of fire"? You will visit the ancient Zoroastrian temple Ateshgah, climb the famous "burning mountain" and see with your own eyes how important a lively bright flame is for Azerbaijanis.
You can fully imbue the spirit of the “land of fire”, take amazingly beautiful photos of a living flame and understand why the cult of fire worshipers - Zoroastrians - is still alive here.
The last two geological and cultural treasures of Azerbaijan are Gobustan and mud volcanoes.
Gobustan Historical and Artistic Reserve
The excursion to the mud volcanoes begins with a visit to the modern interactive museum, where you will learn about the parking lot of an ancient person, his life and life, as well as get acquainted with the flora and fauna of the period when these places were inhabited by people.
After that, we will take you to the mountains, destroyed by earthquakes, as a result of which caves were formed, where primitive people lived. On the walls of shelters and adjacent rocks, you will see carved images of humans, animals, hunting scenes and various signs of the Upper Paleolithic period.
Currently, the number of identified drawings exceeds 6 thousand! Gobustan historical and art reserve is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. And the famous Norwegian traveler Thor Heyerdahl visited this place several times and wrote a book about his sensational discoveries. On the tour you will learn about them, including the significance of the discovered rock with a Latin inscription dating from the 1st century.
The world of volcanoes and the Fatima mosque.
We will show you the most interesting geological formations - you will learn about the nature and chemical properties of high and low volcanoes, griffins and buried, underwater and underground. And on the way back to Baku, you will visit the Bibi Heybat Sanctuary. In the tomb mosque lies the remains of a descendant of the prophet Muhammad. And the building itself is a significant monument of Islamic architecture in Azerbaijan. You will learn about her difficult fate and the reasons for the continued interest from travelers and researchers.

The fishing village on the sandy shore: the freshest gifts of the Caspian for lunch.
After a long tour of the unique places of Absheron, you will travel to one of the fishing villages of Baku, the fame of which went far beyond the borders of Baku. It is here that for hundreds of years hardworking farmers have been cultivating the very famous Baku tomatoes and cucumbers, as well as olives, which then go to the shelves.
At the end of our long excursion, you will have dinner in the very famous fishing village, whose location does not even determine Google or Yandex. On the sandy shore of the Caspian Sea you will find the trump cards of this place - amazing fish dishes with pomegranate and dogwood sauces, and barbecue with spices (by the way, his recipe is kept in the strictest confidence)!
Although this tour is quite long and includes visits to interesting places in different parts of the capital, you will not get tired at all, because you will travel in a comfortable car in the company of a smiling and professional guide!

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