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From 2016 to today, the famous Formula 1 races are held in Baku. Thousands of tourists come to the capital every year to see the European Grand Prix with their own eyes.
The sight is really exciting!
Today, the Cup of Azerbaijan is annually played on the Formula -1 routes, so the track is always on alert. According to the idea of ​​the organizers of the race, a high-speed autobahn was laid near the main attractions of the city. During a tour of the old streets of the capital, you will feel a real drive and a surge of adrenaline! Such as if you drove the entire route behind the wheel of a racing car. Do you want to get vivid emotions and find out unknown facts about old and new Baku? During my excursion will not be bored. I will show you the ancient and modern "treasures" of the capital -
Azadlig square
Maiden's Tower
Icheri Sheher
I will tell about the sights that appeared in Baku in our time
Legendary route
If you haven’t been able to get to the European Motor Racing Championship, don't be discouraged. Places for spectators were located so that not only a certain section of the route was clearly visible, but also the main Baku sights. Our walk almost completely repeats the route of Formula 1, passes through the historical center of the capital, but, unlike racing drivers, you can see the local beauty nearby, feel the emotional atmosphere of the city. During the tour you can take a lot of spectacular shots, hear stories about the legendary race car drivers who have been to Baku since the opening of the track.
The main Baku values
Azadlig Square is the “heart” of Baku. From here our tour will begin. Here, at the Government House, you will feel the spirit of freedom and greatness, enjoy the beautiful view of the sea. It is not surprising that the Formula 1 route begins from this place.
Then we will go to Baku Boulevard, take a walk along its spacious alleys
You will find out why the native Baku people love him so much and admire the magnificent panorama of the city. Behind the facade of every building that we meet on the way, lies the stories of people and generations. You will see the many-faced Baku: an ancient tower that has survived several centuries and has become a symbol of Azerbaijan, water channels, just like in Italian Venice, the Fire Towers are modern buildings that amaze with their unusual architecture and grandiose proportions.
Azerbaijani holiday
Along the way, we will meet old parks, markets, fountains, a funicular ride awaits you, where from the observation deck we will admire the view of Baku, see the race track from above. By the end of the excursion, you will understand why Baku people so passionately and reverently keep the ancient traditions, and tourists fall in love with the city at first sight.

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