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Ganja is the very city whose life is constantly seething. Either the wars destroy it, the raids of the invaders, or the natural elements, with an unexpected blow, leave their destructive mark. But Ganja, like a phoenix, is reborn every time with increasing power and beauty
We are going to get acquainted with the delightful homeland of Nizami Ganjavi - the world famous poet of the East. From the very first minutes, this journey will take you to the world of fairy tales and narratives, because we will hear the legend about the creation of the glorious Azerbaijani city of Ganja. Well, if you manage to come here in December, then we will definitely take part in one of the most beloved entertainments of the locals - we will try a huge multi-ton cake. What kind of cake? Come and we will all know.
Who is this tour for?
Walking in Ganja will definitely appeal to those vacationers who love a rich, informative, with the presence of legends and legends pastime. And if you are a true gourmet and connoisseur of delicious dishes, then Ganja will definitely be able to please you. After all, local chefs are considered the best in the country.
A fascinating walk through the historical sites that have their own distinctive feature.
The ensemble of Sheikh Bahauddin is the treasure and pride of the city. It includes three important components: Juma mosque, Cheyak-Hamam, Caravanserai. And each of these “elements” contains an unusual and important feature.
The Juma Mosque was built by the astronomer Sheikh Bahauddin. Enjoying the beauty of the building, we will learn to compare our watches on it.
The Cheyak-Hamam bathhouse has a rather cunning layout, which allows the building to remain warm in the winter, and cool in the summer. The bath, by the way, is now protected by UNESCO.
In the Caravanserai there is a rather interesting museum dedicated to the famous poetess Mehseti Ganjavi. Walking through the halls and rooms of a two-story building, we learn why the caravanserai is also called the Temple of Knowledge.
Enjoying the pacified beauty of the current Russian Orthodox Cathedral of Alexander Nevsky, you can’t even imagine where it was built!
During the tour, we will slightly open the doors of interesting facts. For example, that both Orthodox and Muslims made investments in its construction. Ironically, an anti-religious museum functioned here at one time. But today the doors of the temple are open to all comers.
Ganja - a city where historical buildings alternate with modern attractions
The fame of a bottle house quickly spread throughout the world. A local resident, Ibrahim Jafarov, built this mansion in honor of his missing brother during World War II. We will compete, which of us can correctly calculate the number of bottles used, and look at the courtyard: who lives there today?
See the beauty of one of the largest lakes in Azerbaijan - Geigel.
For two decades, getting here was not easy: the lake was closed to the public and was under state protection in the territory of the Geigel Park, hiding from prying eyes behind the mountains surrounding it. Only in 2015 in the summer the lake was opened for tourists.
The entire territory of the Geigel Reserve is divided into parts by deep valleys, along the bottom of which stormy rivers flow. The Geigel Lake located here, which, incidentally, gave the name to the park, is the largest and most beautiful mountain lake in Azerbaijan.
Local cuisine, like a melodic song - I want to listen and listen to it. The cuisine of Azerbaijan is a separate attraction of this beautiful eastern country.
But each of its cities pampers its guests in a special way. Ganja is no exception. The aroma of juicy greens pervades every dish, making it even more mouth-watering. Shah pilaf will delight taste buds with tenderness and spice. A delicious tea with the famous Ganja baklava will win your hearts forever, because you have not tasted anything tastier.
Welcome to the real house of the Azerbaijani family!
Everyone is interested, being in a city of another country, to feel like a native. We will give you this opportunity. Welcome to spend the night in a real Azerbaijani house, where everything around is Azerbaijani - furniture, dishes, carpets. Here, even the smell is different. This is the smell of tradition, the smell of hospitality, the smell of a family hearth.
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