Immersion in the history of Absheron: we will repeat the route of Emperor Alexander 3 (Ateshgah, Yanardag, Myardyakan)

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Visit of Emperor Alexander 3 to the Black City.
We will follow the route that the Great Emperor Alexander 3 traveled in 1888. On the second day of his visit, he visited the Black City and the enterprises of the Nobel brothers, where he walked without any protection. On the third day, the emperor went to the place of oil production, met with large oil producers, who installed two tents for the arrival of the king: in the classical European and Eastern style. Nearby were installed oil fountains that hit directly from boreholes. We will visit the village of Balakhany, where the first oil refinery in the Caucasus was built, and where the above events took place. You can also see the oil rigs. Here you can stop and go to one of them. Touch a drop of oil falling from a tap with your finger - tell your friends that you were holding real “black gold” in your hands!
Miracles of the Azerbaijani land.
It is best to come to Mount Yanardag in the evening. You will see an amazing sight: a flame erupts directly from the earth. Many centuries ago, such a natural phenomenon could be found in different parts of Azerbaijan. Now this is the only place where the inner power of the earth is sharply felt. Despite a rather simple scientific explanation of this natural phenomenon, many legends are compiled about Yanardag. I will tell you why Azerbaijanis are so reverently guarding the "Burning Mountain" and since ancient times they have worshiped it as a religious shrine. There is an observation deck on the mountain from where a magnificent view of the whole of Baku opens.
Ateshgah is an ancient symbol of Azerbaijan.
During the tour, we will visit a temple built on the site of the exit of natural gas from the earth, so a fire always burns here. Unquenchable flame was associated with a divine sign. Pilgrims from all over the world sought the Temple of the Eternal Flame. There was a time when, as a result of a shift in the layers of the earth, the gas outlet turned out to be blocked. People perceived this event as a bad sign, the temple was empty. Only in the 20th century a unique building, in the history of which there are many secrets and mysteries, was restored and received the status of a museum complex. Visitors to the Ateshgah temple feel the magical aura of this place. I will tell you the history of the temple, spend on the expositions organized on the territory of the complex.
Walk through the Yesenin places.
Although Alexander 3 did not visit Myardakyan, being not far from this ancient village, we will visit the dacha of the large Baku oil industrialist Murtuza Mukhtarov. The millionaire was a philanthropist and innovator, so he built the villa in the best traditions of landscape architecture in the Middle East. After his tragic death in 1920, the Mardakan arboretum was opened on this territory. Relict trees grow here, exotic plants imported from around the world, there is a small zoo where children love to go. This is where Esenin's house-museum is located. The poet dreamed of going to Persia, but the path there was closed for him. Friends brought him to Mardakan, to which he immediately stuck everything with his soul. Here he wrote several of his famous poems.
Visiting an Azerbaijani healer.
The glory of the Azerbaijani healer Mir Movsum-ag survived him for several centuries. He healed hundreds of patients, while he never paid attention to whether a person is poor or rich, and what kind of faith he is. For its disinterestedness and miraculous power, the World of Movsum-aga earned popular love and reverence. On the day of the healer’s death in 1950, the whole country bowed its head in mourning. A very beautiful, majestic mosque was built at the burial place of the healer exclusively with the money of the parishioners. “Noble” materials were selected for cladding and interior decoration: marble, ceramics, mirror mosaics. It fascinates with its luxurious decoration and positive energy. During her visit, I will tell some amazing stories about how unexpectedly the power of this person was manifested, for what actions his name will forever go down in the history of the country. You will learn the tricks of the ancient healers, see how the ancient Childag ritual is carried out, which eliminates diseases and stresses.
Secrets of the old fortress
Just imagine, the fortress, built in 1187, has survived to this day. Having visited Mardakan castle, you will learn a lot of interesting information about the heroic history of this building. It was built for defensive purposes, has an unusual quadrangular shape for the architecture of the East. Walking in the courtyard, surrounded by high walls, you get a feeling of complete peace and security. Surely that was how women and children felt who hid behind these walls during the medieval wars. During the tour I will tell you about the secrets that Mardakan Castle hides, how the people who remained in it managed to hold a siege for months. A separate story is about a man who, at the call of his heart, became the Guardian of the fortress in our time.

On unknown paths.
The place that we will visit at the end of the tour is not widely known. Only old-timers of the village know about it. I will show you the cave, which housed the camp of the famous rebel and intercessor Stepan Razin. Many tales and stories are associated with this place, but how true they are is up to you to decide.
Grand dinner.
It is known that Emperor Alexander 3 was unpretentious in food. During a gala dinner in the governor's house, the king was treated to pies, veal with a side dish and cold goose liver.
Although you and I will not be able to try dishes, drinks and pastries from the "royal" menu, you will find a fish feast on the Caspian coast.
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