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The main shrines and mosques of Baku: the old and new history of Azerbaijan.
Baku is a city with a vibrant and dramatic history. Here, every stone as a book of memory, which stores and chants the names of national heroes and great rulers, tells about the events of many centuries ago. City mosques and places of power at all times were not only a place of worship for saints, but also cultural centers, where, along with religious education, educational work was carried out.
Many of them survived several births: people first destroyed them to the ground, forgot them, and then, changing their minds, restored them again. I will show you the main mosques and feasts of Baku, which for Azerbaijanis have become the embodiment of the cultural and spiritual heritage of several eras. They are our old and new story, which we will touch during the tour. Ready? We are leaving!
The sanctuary (feast) of the grandfather on a black horse.
An old man on a black horse has been living in Gobustan for almost 10 centuries.
This sanctuary dates back to 12–13 centuries
Surrounded by cliffs of a peculiar and bizarre shape, it has overgrown with an ancient legend, which I will tell you about in a cave in the center of which stands a ritual stone. You will see what rituals the Azerbaijanis perform at the entrance and exit from the cave, and why they bring and leave there a huge number of stones.
A separate story is about a man who, at the call of his heart, became the Keeper of this sacred place in our time.
Mystical boulder at bird's eye view.
I will tell you why freestanding boulders, rocks, etc., have been a place of worship since time immemorial.
One of the boulders, Pirvyanzyar, which is exactly what the sacred boulder is called in the Nagorny Park, was considered a sacred place from ancient times: the spirits of their ancestors always helped people at this place
The name of this place is rooted in the deep faith of Azerbaijanis in the healing power of the herb, which they still use in food, faithfully believing that this green will bring them health. Do you want to know what kind of green is it? You will have the opportunity to try this greenery yourself and decide whether our ancestors reasoned correctly.
Bibi Heybat Mosque is a great Muslim shrine.
The mosque, located on the shore of Baku Bay, in its original form, unfortunately did not survive.
But it served as a prototype of the new temple, which was built literally from scratch
The restoration of the Bibi Heybat shrine is a vivid example of how reverently ancient traditions and history are honored in our country. The mosque was elevated to the descendants. This grandiose, magnificent construction is one of the most significant monuments of Islamic architecture of Azerbaijan. The temple stands on a cliff from which Baku Bay and the oil port are clearly visible. Admire the wonderful industrial landscape, and then go to one of the seaside fish restaurants.
Tesepir Mosque is the “pearl" of Baku.
Next, we will visit the Tesepir mosque, which can be safely called our contemporary, because it was built in the early 20th century. Compared to archaic ancient shrines, which are characterized by authentic architecture and decor, it looks very festive and even luxurious. The dome of the mosque, the tops of the minarets, the inscriptions are made of gold, the doors and windows are mahogany. The inner walls are decorated with oriental ornaments and patterns, painted by Azerbaijani painters. Minaret domes sparkling in the sun are visible from different parts of Baku. You will learn interesting facts about the patroness Nabat Khanum Ashurbekova, thanks to whom the construction of the mosque began, about the events due to which the temple was closed to believers for about 30 years.
Immersion in the history of the Shrine of Pir Hasan in the village of Myardyakan.
Azerbaijanis consider it their duty to take care of holy places. That is why the shrine of Pir Hasan has been turned into a cozy park. On the territory of the park complex there is a burial site dating back to the 16th century, there is a mausoleum of the famous philanthropist Haji Zeynalabdin Tagiyev, an altar and places for ritual bathing. People come here to bow to the memory of saints, to relax with their souls. There is a belief among the people that a visit to the sanctuary relieves mental anguish, cures fear and damage.
You will learn and see the methods of the ancient healers, I’m sewing, see how the ancient ritual of the child’s ritual is carried out, which relieves of diseases and stresses
Visiting an Azerbaijani healer.
The glory of the Azerbaijani healer Mir Movsum-ag survived him for several centuries. He healed hundreds of patients, while he never paid attention to whether a person is poor or rich, and what kind of faith he is. For its disinterestedness and miraculous power, the World of Movsum-aga earned popular love and reverence. On the day of the healer’s death in 1950, the whole country bowed its head in mourning. A very beautiful, majestic mosque was built at the burial place of the healer exclusively with the money of the parishioners. During her visit, I will tell some amazing stories about how unexpectedly the strength of this person manifested, for what actions his name will forever go down in the history of the country.

Tasting the best fish in Baku.
If we are already in the village of Myardyakan, we will find an amazing bungalow on the shore of the Caspian Sea, where you will have the opportunity to taste delicious dishes from the Caspian fish (birch, kutum, sturgeon, beluga, etc.).
In them, the chef uses unusual spices and vegetables (sumac, barberry, pomegranate, the famous Baku tomatoes
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