Ivanovka is a village with a Russian character and Lahich is the capital of copper artisans!

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Продолжительность: 8-12 hours

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Do you want to visit the most beautiful places of the country, taste the breathtaking wine, take a walk along the protected mountain paths, get to know better the crafts and everyday life of ordinary Azerbaijanis? Then welcome to the villages of Ismayilli - a magical corner of the country, where every guest is welcome. Here, young wine flows like water, the sun illuminates steep cliffs, trees reach the very skies, and the mountains are even higher.
You will see how the clouds rest on top of the mountain pass, stroll along the ancient stone streets, taste the national pickles and fully feel what real Azerbaijani hospitality means.
Who is this tour for?
A trip to the villages of Ismayilli will be interesting to everyone who wants to know Azerbaijan from the inside, get inspired by the spirit of the country, taste national dishes and wines, and also see how real Azerbaijanis live (and how they lived hundreds of years ago).
Driving past Shamakha: a fabulous pass.
In the company of a fun and all-knowing guide, you will travel northwest of the capital, past the fabulous town of Shemakh (the birthplace of the same Shemakhan queen from Pushkin's fairy tales) and a magnificent mountain pass
At a small halt, you will drink aromatic tea, enjoy stunningly beautiful mountain views and take wonderful photographs against the background of sheer cliffs. Another stop is at a picturesque suspension bridge over a mountain river, flowing at the very bottom of a deep gorge.
Cozy Lagich: stone streets and crafts.
The mountain village of Lahic is a unique place where everyone feels at home. Locals are happy with all the guests, Lagic people are distinguished by hard work and cordiality. They are happy to show how they live and what they do.
Indeed, the skill of the locals can only be surprised - the finest work of copper products and leather gizmos are simply amazing
The narrow stone streets of Lahich resemble the old city of Baku, but here it is especially cozy. You will walk around the mountain village, examine handicrafts, and then stop for lunch.
Delicious national dishes according to special recipes will please even true gourmets!
Ivanovka: a real Azerbaijani village with a Russian character.
After lunch in the hospitable Lagic, you will go to Ivanovka. Surprisingly, this village with a truly Russian name looks very organically among the sheer Azerbaijani mountains. You will learn about the ups and downs of the ancestors of the inhabitants of Ivanovka, about the mysterious Molokans and how the original local culture was formed.
After a walk around the village and exploring all its sights, you will have a hearty dinner and wine tasting made from grapes growing on the nearest slopes
Aromatic kebabs, hot cakes and fresh farm cheese will quench your appetite and serve as an excellent addition to wine.
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