Khinalig and Guba - the land that conquered M.Yu. Lermontov.

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We invite you to go on an exciting journey through the Guba. You can walk along the streets along which the great Russian poet Mikhail Yuryevich Lermontov himself walked. For some time he lived in this region, therefore, in the poet's work a special place is given to love and warmth for the beauty of the Caucasus and the warlike morals of his sons. You will also walk along the 19th century Arch Bridge, built by order of the great Russian Emperor Alexander III, from where a romantic view of the city opens. The bridge is protected by the state as an architectural monument. You can taste the famous delicious Guba baklava and buy an authentic, typical for this region, carpet Ag Gul, Chichi or Pirabadil, since Guba is one of the best carpet weaving centers throughout Azerbaijan.
Amazing apple orchards, Nizami Park, created by captured Germans and Jewish elders in the "Red Sloboda"
The lip is beautiful at any time of the year, and especially when amazing parks and apple orchards begin to blossom. They are countless here. Very often the city is called the "apple paradise", as more than 40 different varieties of apples with tremendous taste are growing here.
You will also walk along the Arochny bridge, built in 1894 according to the design of Alexander III with the aim of strengthening the military presence of Russia in the Caucasus. Today, from the Arch Bridge, which is now used only by pedestrians, offers a romantic view of the city. On it you can easily get to the oldest city park. Nizami, built by captive Germans and the village of mountain Jews "Krasnaya Sloboda" with ancient synagogues and where you can talk with Jewish elders. Also, you will find the House-Museum of the first Azerbaijani military translator, an officer of the Russian army - Abbasgulu aga Bakikhanov. The bridge is protected by the state as an architectural monument.
The first mosque in the form of a faceted cylinder is the Juma mosque, as well as the Sakina Khanum mosque, built without the use of cement
Juma Mosque or Friday Mosque was erected in the 19th century, it has a rich architectural style. Its facade appears as a faceted cylinder, and when you get inside, you see a large hall, over which a huge dome hangs - its diameter is 16 meters, believe me this is a bewitching sight. Another work of art is the Sakina Khanum Mosque, which has similar stylistic features to Juma, however, in its construction in 1854, exclusively red brick was used.
Bathhouse where Alexander Dumas bathed.
Baths are of particular importance in the history and life of every Azerbaijani. Therefore, it is not surprising that such structures exist on the territory of Guba. And in one of them, which has six rooms, six windows and two doors, the great French writer A. Dumas chilled his spirit, and after 150 years his great-grandson. Today, this building is no longer used for its intended purpose, now it is a historical monument that surprises tourists with its shape and architectural content.
Heart Lake.
Lake Heart - a picturesque lake, so named for its expressive form, is located in one of the villages in Guba. A picturesque view of this lake opens from the shore, clearly explaining its name.
Lake Heart is small, it can be walked around the perimeter for about fifteen minutes. Beautiful from afar, it will not disappoint you in the vicinity. The water in the lake is of a beautiful emerald color, and the reflection in the lake of the surrounding mountains and sky gives the local landscapes special beauty. In the second half of June and early July, its shores are framed by emerald grass and many flowers.
In August and the first half of September there are almost no flowers, but the transparent blue of the water is wonderfully shaded by yellow, orange and red leaves of frankincense and other herbs. Since mid-September, snow has been spotted on the shores of the lake, and at the end of the month it already lies here in continuous cover.
Hynalyg village included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.
If the weather is favorable to us, we will visit another open-air museum, namely the village of Khynalyg, located at an altitude of 2300 meters above sea level, and where they speak a language that does not belong to any language family.
There are 380 houses in the village and each of them is 200-300 years old. If you wish, you can spend the night in one of these historic houses and learn about the life, culture and traditions of the Hynalygts inside.

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