National bath tour "Hammam - a gift from the East" (bath 17-18 centuries.)

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Фото Liya

Продолжительность: 3-6 hours

В стоимость включено:

Included in cost:

  • guide services
  • bath procedures and entry to the bath,
  • aromatic tea with jam.

Not included in the price:

  • personal expenses in the bathhouse itself (food, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks)
  • bath procedures
  • flavored tea with jam

What to bring with you:

  • you don’t need to take anything with you for this tour.
  • all national bathing clothes are issued in the bathhouse itself.


Baku hammam: a source of true pleasure
When leaving for Baku, be sure to leave one day to visit the hamam. An oriental bath is more than a bathing place.
Here you will receive all “thirty-three pleasures”: take a break, chat, and perhaps meet new friends
I advise you to completely trust the bathhouse attendants and not to refuse their services. In the East, there is a special bath etiquette: this is the order of procedures, and topics of conversation, and even the manner of communication. Skilled bath attendants will make a massage, drink tea, if you want, they can tell fortunes! After such a service, you feel reborn.
Baku baths - a colorful feature of culture
Among the abundance of monuments, elements of architecture, parks, reserves, mosques and other architectural exaltations in Baku there is a place for incredible bathhouses.
The construction of bathing and bathing buildings in this area was and is as popular as throughout the East. They were erected directly in palace complexes, in residential quarters, in public buildings and in separate municipal areas of the city
The most famous baths that functioned in Baku are:
Aha Michael;
Haji Gaiba;
Kasum Beka;
Palace of the Shirvanshahs;
Bath houses occupied a very important place in the daily life of citizens. They were all over the place. Both eastern rulers and ordinary people visited the baths. Since ancient times, the healing properties of water and its beneficial effects on the body and state of mind have been studied. It is not surprising that among those who wanted to visit the wellness bath, one could meet both the sovereign and the artisan. The Baku baths were built in the form of square structures, which were then divided into small rooms. There were provided changing rooms (“bayr” - external) and bathing rooms (“Icheri” - internal). Also attached were separate ponds in which there was cold and hot water, and small pools.
Baths in Baku - a place where you can relax your body and soul
Today there is a unique opportunity to go on a wellness tour, from which you will receive not only a lot of positive impressions, relax and improve your body, but also be able to adopt the unforgettable bathing experience of another country. Azerbaijanis keep and honor their traditions and still regularly visit amazing hammams, which are a worthy continuation of ancient baths.
What awaits you?
Going to the national bath tour in Baku, you will find out what place is given to the bath in the general culture of the Azerbaijani people. The secret of the technology of establishing a bath will be revealed for you, get acquainted with medieval shoes and bath accessories, and thus, you will feel the timeless traditions.
The program includes a walking tour with a visit to the ancient baths, where you will learn about the features of the construction of oriental baths, about the history and traditions of bathing culture in Azerbaijan, and then we will visit one of the existing ancient baths, where you will find bathing procedures such as kise and soap, an amazing massage, who works real miracles. as well as fragrant Azerbaijani tea with unusual jams
Once upon a time, Baku People went to the same bathhouse all their lives. I am sure that after visiting the hamam, you will be delighted to tell your friends and family about your impressions. And be sure to want to come back here again.
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