The Gala Conservation Area, where history is intertwined with modernity

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Продолжительность: 3-5 hours

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  • transport,
  • guide services

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Ancient stones under a piercing blue sky, birdsong and the slowly setting sun. It seems that time has stopped here - all the same birds sing their songs, and all the same walls leave long shadows on stony ground. The Gala Historical and Geographical Reserve is one of the most interesting open-air museums. Everyone who is interested in history and wants to plunge headlong into the darkness of centuries comes here. Find out how people lived on Absheron hundreds of years ago, what houses they built, what they ate and drank, what crafts they owned, and why modern Azerbaijan is just the way it is.
Who is this tour for?
In the reserve Gala will be interesting to children and adults of all ages. But those who love romantic legends, love to go to museums and are interested in the life of our ancestors will be especially captivated and carried away by a trip to Gala.
You will visit a real medieval fortress, climb a well-preserved tower and admire Absheron from a bird's eye view. You will see mounds, drawings, restored clay-straw dwellings, jewelry, dishes, household items and other artifacts found in the Gala.
Ancient stones Gala.
The tour begins with a tour of the fortress of Gala. You stroll along the stout stone walls, see the unique Bronze Age stone henji and cave paintings, visit the ancient forges, bazaars and well-preserved medieval buildings. You will find out why the fortress was built and how it was destroyed, as well as what secrets it can hide.
Absheron aerial view.
After a walk around the fortress, you will climb to its highest point - you will climb the spiral staircase to the observation platform of the observation tower. As ancient warriors, you will explore the expanses of the Absheron Peninsula and take wonderful photographs as a keepsake.
Museums of Gala: samovars and art objects.
Visits to the museums of the reserve are included in the standard excursion program. Of particular interest is the museum of antiques, in which you can see with your own eyes the interior items, dishes, lamps, as well as a huge collection of old samovars of all shapes and sizes. Another interesting Gala museum that you cannot pass by is the garbage museum. It presents unusual, exciting spirit and strange art objects from household waste.
Other entertainments.
At your request, you can also include a visit to the Gala Island Amusement Park in the excursion program. On the territory of the park there is a picturesque arboretum and several cozy cafes that prepare wonderful national dishes. In addition, it is possible to order an interactive tour "Getting to know national life from the inside" for a standard excursion in the Gala.
Experienced craftsmen will help you plunge completely into the ancient life of the inhabitants of Absheron - try yourself in weaving, pottery or bake bread yourself in the oven according to the ancient Azerbaijani recipe. You will get a lot of impressions, you can take unique photos and take with you wonderful memories of this magical place where history is intertwined with modernity.


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