The secrets and the past of the ancient village of Myardyakan!

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Mardakan as an interesting fairy tale. You never know what lies ahead, but I’m sure that everything will end well. We will go to a small village located near Baku. This is a real paradise, where at one time the Russian poet Yesenin found peace of mind.
Thousands of ordinary people come here every year to feel the magical power of local shrines, breathe in the cleanest air, wander under the crowns of relict trees and recharge their life energy.
Walk through the Yesenin places.
Our excursion will begin with a visit to the dacha of the large Baku oil industrialist Murtuza Mukhtarov. The millionaire was a philanthropist and innovator, so he built the villa in the best traditions of landscape architecture in the Middle East. After his tragic death in 1920, the Mardakan arboretum was opened on this territory. Relict trees grow here, exotic plants imported from around the world, there is a small zoo where children love to go.
We will visit the house-museum of Yesenin.
The poet dreamed of going to Persia, but the path there was closed for him. Friends brought him to Mardakan, to which he immediately stuck everything with his soul. Here he wrote several of his famous poems.
Immersion in history.
Azerbaijanis consider it their duty to take care of holy places. That is why the shrine of Pir Hasan has been turned into a cozy park. On the territory of the park complex there is a burial site dating back to the 16th century, there is a mausoleum of the famous philanthropist Haji Zeynalabdin Tagiyev, an altar and places for ritual bathing. People come here to bow to the memory of saints, to relax with their souls. There is a belief among the people that a visit to the sanctuary relieves mental anguish, cures fear and damage. I will tell you about the wonderful history of this place, and the people who found peace here.
Visiting an Azerbaijani healer.
The glory of the Azerbaijani healer Mir Movsum-ag survived him for several centuries. He healed hundreds of patients, while he never paid attention to whether a person is poor or rich, and what kind of faith he is. For its disinterestedness and miraculous power, the World of Movsum-aga earned popular love and reverence. On the day of the healer’s death in 1950, the whole country bowed its head in mourning. A very beautiful, majestic mosque was built at the burial place of the healer exclusively with the money of the parishioners. “Noble” materials were selected for cladding and interior decoration: marble, ceramics, mirror mosaics. It fascinates with its luxurious decoration and positive energy. During her visit, I will tell some amazing stories about how unexpectedly the power of this person was manifested, for what actions his name will forever go down in the history of the country. You will learn the tricks of the ancient healers, I’ll see how the ancient Childag ritual is carried out, which eliminates diseases and stresses.
Secrets of the old fortress.
Just imagine, the fortress, built in 1187, has survived to this day. Having visited Mardakan castle, you will learn a lot of interesting information about the heroic history of this building. It was built for defensive purposes, has an unusual quadrangular shape for the architecture of the East. Walking in the courtyard, surrounded by high walls, you get a feeling of complete peace and security. Surely that was how women and children felt who hid behind these walls during the medieval wars. During the tour I will tell you about the secrets that Mardakan Castle hides, how the people who remained in it managed to hold a siege for months. Another story is about a man who, at the call of his heart, became the Guardian of the fortress in our time.
On unknown paths.
The place that we will visit at the end of the tour is not widely known. Only old-timers of the village know about it. I will show you the cave in which the camp of the famous rebel and national defender Stepan Razin was placed. Many tales and stories are associated with this place, but how true they are is up to you to decide.

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