Plovdiv-one of the oldest among the still living ancient cities in the world

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Assuming that you’re already in Sofia and want to make  one-day tour to some place that would offer to you some strong taste of Bulgaria – seeing the second largest town in the country – Plovdiv is a must.

A town situated on seven hills, as Rome itself, and maybe older than this famous city . It’s uninterrupted journey through the ages, starts far back in the Thracian times under the name of the Thracian king  Evmolpias.Fiercely attempting to subdue the freedom loving and highly skilled warriors, as the Thracians were, the father of Alexander the Great– Phillip II comes here in the 3-d century B.C. takes the town of Evmolpias- for some time.But what lasted eternally was the name of Alexander’s father, which he gave to the town in the form of Phillipopolis (meaning the town of Phillip). The name survived till now day through Thracian translation as Pulpudeva and later Slavic pronunciation  as Plovdiv.Not only the name of the town, but every step of the territory of the present day central part bears the evidences of its continuous existence

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