Меня зовут Мария. Я живу в Иркутске с рождения, интересуюсь историей нашего региона и просто влюблена в город Иркутск и оз Байкал! Буду рада встречи с Вами, открою для Вас Иркутск и Байкал :) 

До скорой встречи! Мария

My name is Maria. I live in Irkutsk since birth. I am very interested in history of our region and Baikal and I currently attend courses to become a certified guide. I have already sucessfully passed an accreditation to be a guide in Irkutsk Architectural and Ethnographic Museum "Taltsy" and many more are coming. Also I am working as a translator for TheGreat Baikal Trail which is a Russian non-profit environmental organization promoting the development of ecotourism, voluntary work, and ecological education; Based in Irkutsk, Russia, GBT is working to build hiking trails around Lake Baikal with the help of more than 4,500 volunteers from around Russia and the world.

With kind regards, Mary

During the summer from 8 of June every day at 20:00 pmI offerwalking tour around Irkutsk with numerous stops at the historical sites. 

I offer excursions in Irkutsk city, Irkutsk Architectural and Ethnographic Museum "Taltsy" and Listvyanka (asettlementthat is a must have tourist destination on the Lake Baikal). I prefer to work with small groups.

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