I'll be glad to show you all the best we have in St.Petersburg.Reasonable prices of my tours are not the only reason to contact me before you go to St.Petersburg. Having worked as a guide for 6 years, I can offer you private tours that will be planned according to your wishes and interests. The Hermitage and other museums of St Petersburg for art-lovers, historical tours for those who are interested in the history of the largest country of the world and its "Cultural Capital"- St.Petersburg,local life experience, bike tours and walking tours for active ones and legends and fairy-tails of our city for children. It doesn't mean you can't get the compination of this all- I am very flexible, so is the programme of your tour! I have all the licences to the main museums of the city and the oppotunity to get you tickets to the ballet,folk show or opera, take you to the best shopping places or book a table for a lovely dinner in a restaurant. Your job is to find time to come to St.Petersburg, mine - to make you have good time here!

The Hermitage, Peter and Paul Fortress, St.Isaak's Cathedral, Savior on the Spilt Blood, Walking Tour, The Fountains of Peterhoff, Pushkin and the mystery of the Amber room, Bicycle Tour, Jewish St.Petersburg, St Petersburg of Peter the Great, Literature St.Petersburg,Local life experience (visiting metro, markets etc.), Rasputin in St.Petersburg, St Petersburg for Just Married, Legends of St Petersburg, St Petersburg for children.

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