Hey foreigners!

My name is Arthur and I will be a perfect tour guide for you if you are planning to come to a beautiful city Ulan-Ude! Though young, I know this city inside and out and I will do everything to provide you with best experience you can get. I am a professional English speaker and therefore fully specialise in English-spoken excursions. 

     Our city centre is not that big , so this won't take you long . A walking excursion through the city centre and all other significant historical places in Ulan-Ude will take you only about 1-2 hours! This is a perfect choice to dwell if you have limited time and want to get acquainted with the town and its history in the shortest time period. 


This is for sure one of the most aesthetically pleasing spots in the capital of our republic. The excursion will include a history of the place, its meaning for the Buddhists and a healthy hike through the "PATH OF HEALTH".

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