Продолжительность: 6 - 7 h

В стоимость включено:

Guide and transport services included


Breath-taking picturesque settlement of Nizhnyaya Sinyatchikha in the Sverdlovsk region. This day we travel outside the city (about 2,5 hours one way) and it is your opportunity to enjoy landscapes of real Russia and the Urals. As for the destination itself, it is a fairy-tale place where we visit original old-Russian houses dating back 18th century and later, a mill, a chapel and other wooden constructions and a wonderful barocco church amazingly found “in the depth of nowhere”.This is the place to enjoy the harmony of nature and history
We can complete the tour with visit to the town of Alapayevsk, where famouse Russian composer Pyotr Tchaikovsky spent a year in his childhood and where the Grand Dukes and Elizabeth (Alexandra Romanova's sister) were assacinated

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