Olkhon island. The largest and the only one inhabited island on the lake is located in the middle part of Baikal near the western shore. Besides being incredibly beautiful – there are relict forests, sand dunes, erosive landscapes, severe rocks – it’s also been known as a cult place for people who believe in shamanism, an ancient religion. Some capes of Olkhon (especially a big cave in the Shaman cliff) are considered sacred. Local people have very beautiful legends about almost every corner of the island. The most beautiful place is Cape Khoboy with a cliff above the lake in the north of the island and Peschannoe area full of trees with fantastically bared roots. Some places of the island still can’t be entered an uninitiated person: locals are very serious about this taboo. There are many holiday camps and guest houses on the island. The strait between the island and the western shore of the lake is called the Small Sea and it’s one of the most popular resorts on Lake Baikal. The best way is to combine holidays on the island and the Small Sea.