Hello, my

name is Olesya. I was born in Irkutsk which is located 70 km from the deepest

(1642m) lake of the world containing 23% of the world’s fresh water store, with

the surface of 31500km2 (it approximately equals to the territories of such

countries as Belgium, the Netherland, or Denmark). This year (2016) Irkutsk

celebrated its 355 anniversary (it was founded in 1661by a Cossack group under

the leadership of Yacov Pohabov ). The story of my family is closely connected

with the story of my town. My father’s great grandfather was a merchant and a

governor of Irkutsk since 1850-54. Unfortunately his mansion is half destroyed

now and used as a department of the local lore museum. As for my mom, she was

born on the north of Irkutsk region (Kirensk town). Her ancestors were half

local people (tungus) and half the first Cossacks who came here in the 16th

century to open up this area for fur trade. I love my native town and Baikal

Lake, so I want to share the interesting facts of its history with you and to

give you an opportunity to contemplate the beauty of the lake. My family (my

husband Vataly, my two sons Kirill and Daniel) invites you to stay with us and

have a wonderful experience in this unforgettable place.

Olesya Baikal stay

We are

offering: Irkutsk

city tour (3 hours long): the historical center Irkutsk, visiting old churches,

seeing interesting monuments, strolling along the modern area of wooden houses. Car tour to

Listvianka village on the shore of Baikal lake (70km from Irkutsk- 8 hours

long): on the way visiting museums (Architectural and ethnographic museum

"TALSY"  -47th km) (Baikal

limnological museum-70th km) fish and jewelry market, Chersky stone

the observing point on the top of the hill 728,4 м high.

Hiking tour 20 km to the village Bolshie Koty, a picturesque trail along the southern shore of Baikal lake.

A Hiking tour 80 km. along the old circal Baikal rail line. Visiting several villages on the way,  getting know the road unique architecture.

Здравствуйте меня зовут Олеся я гид (английский русский) есть аккредитация в музеях тальцы и лимнологический (экскурсии Иркутск, Усть-Орда, Вершина, Улан-Удэ, Листвянка, Ольхон , бухта Песчаная, Ушканьи острова, Чевыркуйский залив, есть богатый опыт работы с vip туристами)для индивидуалов есть личный транспорт шкода фабия при желании можно найти микроавтобус буду рада поработать (пешие маршруты кбжд, б коты, хамар дабан, б голоустное) ( опыт работы 17 лет).

Обзорная экскурсия по Иркутску

Прогулка по историческому центру города, с посещением храмов, знакомство с памятниками и шоппинг в стилизованном районе деревянного зодчества.  


Листвянка - Байкал рыбацкий посёлок Листвянка, расположен на берегу уникального озера Байкал, в 70 км от Иркутска. Удобный туристический маршрут одно …

Остров Ольхон

Olkhon island. The largest and the only one inhabited island on the lake is located in the middle part of Baikal near the western shore. Besides being …

Мыс Хобой

Stay on the island of Olkhon is impossible without visiting Cape Khoboy, translated from Buryat means "Fang", the most northerly Cape of the island. C …

МРС -Сахюрта

The village Sahurta is located at the bay of Olhon gate, separating the Olhon island from the continent. The population is 224 people. (2010) Sahurta …


(Russian: Кругобайка́льская желе́зная доро́га or Кругобайка́лка, abbreviated "КБЖД") is a historical railway in the Irkutsk region of Russia. It runs …

Большие коты

Bolshie Koty village was founded in the second half of the 19th century as a gold extracting area. For about hundred years the gold was cradled, later …


Listvyanka village. This place is the ideal starting point for a journey to Lake Baikal. First of all, there is Angara river spring next to the villag …

Экскурсии 2016

Листвянка -Байкалрыбацкий посёлок Листвянка, расположен на берегу уникального озера Байкал, в 70 км от Иркутска. Удобный туристический маршрут одного …


Matreshka doll is usually made of linden (lime) tree,alder (Ольха) or birch tree, because its wood is rather soft. They cut the tree off in early spri …

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